This is a general style guide to how manual tests should be written.

Testcase Format

  • Make sure your testcase follows the proper format. Notice the standard footer ('if all actions ...' or 'if you answer 'yes' to all ...') at the end as well. Be sure your testcase has the appropriate footer for your testcase.

  • Ensure your testcase is indented properly. Use 4 spaces as your default indentation. For example, showing the spacing typed out:





For vim users, you can download the html.vim file and put it in ~/.vim/indentation/html.vim so vim can recognize correctly the dl/dt/dd tags.


In Geany, set the filetype to HTML. This allows highlighting.

Check format script

The following script will test to ensure there are no errors in your submission. Think of it as "tidy" for your testcase.

$ ./test_case_format test #should return no errors and ensure your indentation is right

Testcase Wording

  • Write your testcase in English
  • Keep your testcase desktop and flavor agnostic. Whenever possible, don't force or assume a specific desktop in your testcase. The exception to this would be desktop specific testcases (such as the tests for Unity, Gnome, KDE etc.)
    • When writing your testcase, substitute the word FAMILY in place of ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, etc. The word FAMILY (in caps!) will automatically be replaced with the proper ubuntu flavor according to the testcase context. This is part of keeping your testcase flavor agnostic.

  • Ensure your testcase when possible doesn't require a specific locale. For example, the /home/username/Downloads folder is not named ~/Downloads in a non-english locale.

Testcase Naming

  • When contributing a new testcase:
    • Place it into the proper folder
    • Name it whatever you wish, disregarding the prefixed number that you see on other testcase names, ie 1420_Gedit Tests. Instead simply name yours PACKAGENAME Tests. Your new testcase will be assigned a number and renamed once it's uploaded to the testing tracker.

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