This page is a collection of instructions on setting up development tools needed for the Quality Assurance tasks.

Tutorials about development tools usage can be found at QATeam/DevelopmentToolsUsage.

Set up Launchpad and Bzr

You can view a video version of this tutorial.


Create a Launchpad account and log in

If you don't yet have a Launchpad account, please go through the sign-up process before continuing.

Once you're setup, Login to Launchpad and go to your overview page.

If you have a Ubuntu One account, you can use it as your Launchpad account. To do this, Login to Launchpad with your Ubuntu One credentials.

SSH keys

Create a key

In order to verify code contributions belong to you, you'll need to provide launchpad with an ssh key. If you don't have a key, you can create on easily by running:

  sudo apt-get install openssh-client
  ssh-keygen -t rsa

It is safe to accept the default values when prompted after entering this command. Once the key creation is finished, your new key is stored at ~/.ssh/ (public key) and ~/.ssh/id_rsa (private key). Keep your private key private to yourself!

Upload your key Copy the contents of ~/.ssh/ to the Add an SSH key text box at the bottom of the SSH keys page on Launchpad.

Once the key has been uploaded, you'll see the new key appear on your overview page.

For more information, checkout the Launchpad help for Creating an SSH key pair.


Install Bzr

Make sure Bzr is installed by running

  sudo apt-get install bzr

Bzr and Launchpad Integration

In order to make sure Bzr on your local machine knows who you are (so you can upload code to your own branches etc.), you will need to share your Launchpad information with Bzr.

In the following commands, replace anything inside [square brackets] with your personal details.

To share your Launchpad information with Bzr, run

  bzr launchpad-login [yourLaunchpadID]

To confirm this worked correctly, run

  bzr whoami

If everything went correctly, you will see your Launchpad details returned.

Set up Launchpad information in Bzr manually

If you get the error bzr: ERROR: Unable to determine your name, something went wrong. In this case, you can set up your Launchpad information in Bzr manually by running

   bzr whoami "[Your Name] <[]>"

For more information, read the Bzr documentation on Using Bzr with Launchpad.

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