Classroom Sessions


These are the most important ways for people to learn about what ubuntu is and how by testing, it gets better each time.

This area holds previous classroom sessions, current ones and planned ones. If you would like to help by giving a classroom session please get in touch. Also, if there is an area where you feel a new classroom session would be of help... do please let us know!

Each new set of classroom sessions is held on the subjects of that release. However, if you are awaiting a classroom session for the current cycle, please do have a read of the sessions held for the previous one. Whilst some of the information may be out of date, the general idea is not. If after reading a previous release classroom session you still have questions.... Ask us, as it will help improve the next one!

Being able to be there

If you can attend the tutorial / classroom sesssion(s) you can ask the tutor questions directly. Head over to Ubuntu Tutorial and Classroom sessions for details of where and how they happen.

Not able to be there

We fully understand that due to time-zone differences and what is called 'real life' can make it so you cannot attend.

  • All the tutorial / classroom sessions QA team hold are logged via the links below. Go and have a read of them, remember that the things required for a classroom session still apply if you want to follow the tutorial.

If you have a question that was not asked / answered, then you are more than welcome to ask on the #ubuntu-quality channel or contact the tutor directly.

Instructing a session?

Check out instructors for some quick tips and best practices.

Raring Cycle

Classroom Sessions held for Raring

Saucy Cycle

Introduction to Ubuntu Quality Team

Classroom Sessions held for Saucy

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