Agenda - 2008-07-09

  • Intrepid Alpha 2 testing this week
  • Package status prototype - feedback welcome
  • Ubuntu QA team update/proposal (LaserJock)

  • Do we need a #ubuntu-qa channel? (LaserJock)

  • Next week's meeting - suggestion: an in person meeting at the London sprint combined phone or skype for those who are not there at 14.00 UTC

(agenda items mildly reordered from actual discussion order)

Meeting Log: MeetingLogs/QATeam/20080709

Intrepid Alpha 2 testing this week

This is an early alpha in the Intrepid release cycle, so testing thoroughness is expected to be light. According to slangasek, desktop images are not quite usable yet, due to various issues, and may not be ready for the 2008-07-10 release deadline. Testing of alternative isos to commence, as well as desktop images should functional ones appear.

slangasek also pointed out that nvidia-glx-new is uninstallable on the alternates because of the X changes, so that's a bug to highlight for testers.

  • ACTION: sbeattie to update iso.qa.ubuntu.com to point to alpha 2 images. (ed: completed)

Package status prototype - feedback welcome

Prototype page, developed by ogasawara:

Very positive in-meeting responses. Some suggestions mentioned so far:

  • more developer oriented information (links to Ubuntu/Debian changelogs, Ubuntu/Debian versions, links to package LP page and Debian PTS/BTS pages) (LaserJock) though should probably be separated a little from the bug statistics.

  • breakdowns by release, e.g. being able to see stats for LTS vs. development
  • ability to do historical comparisons; e.g compare weekly graphs with weekly graphs from six months ago

More feedback is welcome and encouraged, please add to:

Ubuntu QA team update/proposal

LaserJock (Jordan Mantha) had proposed last week creating an Ubuntu QA team formally in Launchpad, but met resistance due to belief that it was not inclusive enough to non-developers integral to the QA process. He created a wiki page to better explain his thinking at:

Brief overview: proposed team is intended to focus is on developing tools, policies, and practices for QA as well as providing general advice, oversight, and leadership of QA activities. He's gone ahead and created the team:

So far, team has 7 willing victims, er, members; more are expected to join. Also, pulling in and collaborating on QA oriented tool development is hoped for; there are already several bzr branches now associated with the team.

Fleshing out details to occur in discussion on ubuntu-qa@ email list.

  • ACTION: LaserJock to initiate discussion

  • ACTION: LaserJock and others to update wiki pages for consistency

An ancilliary discussion arose as to how to motivate and reward people participating more casually in the QA effort, to encourage deeper and stronger commitment and participation. Suggestions from bryce and heno to contact existing triagers and people who had recently set up bug days and ask what motivates them and attempt to maximize that, as well as minimize inhibitors to participating.

Do we need a #ubuntu-qa channel?

Along with a more visible, formalized QA team, a proposal was put forth by LaserJock to create a matching irc channel. Unfortunately, the irc space #ubuntu-qa* is owned by the Qatar LoCo team. General consensus agreed on #ubuntu-quality after several serious and not-so-serious suggestions were floated (nobody seemed interested in moving the entire QA team to Qatar).

A secondary proposal was made to split off a separate channel #ubuntu-brainstorm from #ubuntu-testing, which also was generally approved of.

  • ACTION: LaserJock to create and register #ubuntu-quality (ed: completed)

  • ACTION: stgraber to create and register #ubuntu-brainstorm (ed: completed)

Schedule for next week's meeting

Next week's meeting will be next Wednesday at 14.00 UTC (normal time is 17.00 UTC). It will consist of an in person meeting at the London sprint combined phone or skype for those who are not there.

Proposals to use ekiga or mumble instead of skype, due to skype's 5-8 person limit on conference calls. Regular old phone is a fallback alternative.

  • ACTION: heno and cgregan to test an ekiga setup between London and
    • Lexington offices.

Thanks to all who attended!

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