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Meeting summary

  • Discuss new agenda

ACTION: gema to add lubuntu and Xubuntu testing updates to the agenda (gema, 17:08:59)

ACTION: patrickmw to publish a list of launchpad projects that conform our automated testing in jenkins (gema, 17:16:20)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/TestCase (gema, 17:32:05)

  • Alpha-1 Testing
  • Other Topics

Meeting ended at 17:43:46 UTC.

Action items

  • gema to add lubuntu and Xubuntu testing updates to the agenda
  • patrickmw to publish a list of launchpad projects that conform our automated testing in jenkins

Action items, by person

  • gema
  • * gema to add lubuntu and Xubuntu testing updates to the agenda
  • patrickmw
  • * patrickmw to publish a list of launchpad projects that conform our automated testing in jenkins

People present (lines said)

  • gema (104)
  • jibel (24)
  • alourie (17)
  • patrickmw (16)
  • charlie-tca (8)
  • nuclearbob (7)
  • meetingology (5)
  • phillw (4)
  • mike-gabriel (2)
  • ubottu (1)

Full Log

  • 17:00:29 <gema> #startmeeting QA Meeting

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    17:00:46 <gema> hi everyone and welcome to the new QA meeting

    17:01:05 <gema> I have seen jibel, nuclearbob and charlie-tca already present, anyone else?

    17:01:15 * phillw is here Smile :)

    17:01:23 <patrickmw> o/

    17:01:32 <gema> hi phillw and patrickmw !

    17:01:52 <gema> ok, so we will get started and welcome anyone that joins later 17:02:06 * alourie is present

    17:02:15 <gema> since this is a new meeting, we don't have previous actions (hi alourie Smile :)

    17:02:15 <alourie> but only as a listener for now

    17:02:21 <gema> alourie: no problem

    17:02:23 <alourie> gema: no problem

    17:02:28 <alourie> and hi

    17:02:44 <gema> let's get on discussing the agenda from now on

    17:02:52 <gema> #topic Discuss new agenda

    17:03:20 <gema> you can see a proposal of agenda that I put together for today in the meeting page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings

    17:03:41 <gema> this is just for today, but I think the blueprints update is something we should keep

    17:03:53 <gema> do you guys have more topics to add to the agenda?

    17:04:50 <gema> charlie-tca: would you like to have a section where you give an update regarding the testing for your distro?

    17:05:06 <gema> if so, how shall we name that item?

    17:05:23 <charlie-tca> Not today

    17:05:31 <gema> ok, but going forward?

    17:06:07 <charlie-tca> If it will be benificial to know what the Xubuntu tests show, yes

    17:06:42 <phillw> we can do the same for lubuntu, if our team wishes so (we have a meeting tonight, so I will ask their views).

    17:06:44 <gema> I believe it is important to see the correlation yes

    17:06:53 <gema> ok, phillw

    17:07:21 <gema> so I will add a section for status of the different derivatives as well as for Ubuntu

    17:07:32 <gema> well, for now for Xubuntu and lubuntu

    17:07:34 <charlie-tca> I cut a finger bad yesterdAY, am only partly here today

    17:07:45 <gema> charlie-tca: I am sorry to hear Sad :(

    17:08:03 <phillw> sorry to hear charlie-tca Sad :(

    17:08:04 <charlie-tca> Thanks. Will do my beST ANYway

    17:08:16 <gema> no worries, we read you very well, take care Smile :)

    17:08:59 <gema> #action gema to add lubuntu and Xubuntu testing updates to the agenda 17:08:59 * meetingology gema to add lubuntu and Xubuntu testing updates to the agenda

    17:09:12 <gema> anything else you'd like to add/remove from the current proposed agenda?

    17:10:33 <gema> ok, so we'll leave there for now and review it as we go along, then

    17:10:54 <gema> #topic Blueprints Update for Precise

    17:11:13 <gema> now we'll go through all the blueprints that we are working on and give a quick update on them any questions fire as we go along so that we don't lose context

    17:11:26 <gema> #subtopic https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-builds-smoke-testing

    17:11:40 <gema> we have made available this page for everyone to see Precise automated testing results: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise/

    17:11:52 <gema> patrickmw: do you want to explain briefly what is there?

    17:12:03 <patrickmw> sure

    17:13:10 <patrickmw> currently there are the automated ISO installer tests, DX unit tests, unity merge tests, boot speed tests and I'm sure I'm missing something

    17:13:25 <patrickmw> more builds get added weekly

    17:13:35 <patrickmw> ah upgrade tests

    17:13:39 <alourie> o/

    17:13:46 <gema> go ahead, alourie

    17:14:13 <alourie> is there a way to see these tests? To find out what is being done and how to participate in them, if possible?

    17:14:23 <alourie> to contribute?

    17:14:24 <alourie> ..

    17:14:29 <patrickmw> yes

    17:15:08 <patrickmw> I don't there is a central location, but we can list the launchpad projects on the wiki

    17:15:19 <alourie> that'd be great

    17:15:43 <gema> can I give you an action to compile that list to you patrickmw?

    17:15:46 <patrickmw> yes

    17:16:11 <jibel> o/ (question for alourie )

    17:16:15 <alourie> jibel: sure

    17:16:20 <gema> #action patrickmw to publish a list of launchpad projects that conform our automated testing in jenkins 17:16:20 * meetingology patrickmw to publish a list of launchpad projects that conform our automated testing in jenkins

    17:16:27 <gema> go for it jibel

    17:16:44 <jibel> which type of tests would you like to contribute to ?

    17:17:02 <jibel> iso testing, package testing, ... ?

    17:17:40 <alourie> jibel: well, anything. I just want this all to be as transparent as possible for possible contributors to join

    17:17:51 <alourie> me including

    17:17:57 <jibel> ok thanks

    17:18:22 <alourie> I would be probably good for ISO testing

    17:18:35 <alourie> but others may be more apt for other types

    17:18:39 <alourie> ..

    17:18:55 <gema> excellent, alourie, thanks for the idea and for wanting to contribute

    17:19:01 <gema> we need as much help as we can get

    17:19:04 <alourie> sure

    17:19:25 <gema> so there is more stuff going on in this blueprint.. let me see

    17:19:36 <gema> we are in the process of updating the documentation to be able to interpret the results and troubleshoot failures (information available in the blueprint)

    17:19:55 <gema> we also are working on a new tagging scheme that will allow us to assess the quality of the automated testing, we are going to start using

    17:20:04 <gema> in the canonical-platform-qa team, these tags for the automated testing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/AutomatedTesting/TestingTypeAndBugTracking

    17:20:25 <gema> we want to make sure we can assess the quality of these tests we are going to be running and improve them over time

    17:20:37 <gema> that's all I have, anything else anyone?

    17:21:01 <gema> good, moving on then

    17:21:09 <gema> #subtopic https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-qa-boot-speed-testing

    17:21:14 <gema> patrickmw ?

    17:21:24 <patrickmw> * Results available here: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/boot-speed/

    17:21:24 <patrickmw> * Jobs available here: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise%20Boot%20Speed/

    17:21:25 <patrickmw> * Job failures due to NFS boot breaking on yesterdays ISOs. Bug submitted.

    17:21:25 <patrickmw> * Currently generating benchmark bootcharts for each system (lucid, maverick, natty, oneiric) and they will be available on the Boot Speed Report this week

    17:21:25 <patrickmw> * Following up on NFS Boot bug and will try to run boot speed tests today

    17:21:36 <patrickmw> ..

    17:21:55 <gema> cool, let's give some time to people to read in case there is any question

    17:22:22 <gema> nothing.. then moving on

    17:22:30 <gema> #subtopic https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-qa-kernel-sru

    17:22:41 <gema> hggdh: do you have an update on this?

    17:23:08 * alourie has to leave to put the baby to sleep, hopefully get back in time. Smile :-)

    17:23:52 <gema> what I know is what is on the blueprint, that sconklin is working on running rteval tests and trying to package them

    17:24:06 <gema> I will try to get more feedback for next week

    17:24:19 <gema> #subtopic https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-qa-standard-sru-testing

    17:24:23 <gema> jibel ?

    17:25:07 <jibel> nothing from me on this topic this week

    17:25:12 <gema> ok

    17:25:20 <gema> #subtopic https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-qa-test-case-management-tool

    17:25:46 <gema> jibel installed an internal instance of litmus and we are evaluating its viability to use for handling our test cases,

    17:25:56 <gema> we are in the process of setting up an instance that the community can also use and evaluate but we are undergoing review of the tool, etc, by the IS team

    17:26:23 <gema> it will hopefully be ready soon and we will let you know in this meeting

    17:26:37 <gema> #subtopic https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-qa-qa-regression-testing

    17:26:40 <gema> nuclearbob: ?

    17:27:19 <nuclearbob> I've got an autotest package building in my ppa

    17:27:55 <nuclearbob> I'm getting that improved and tested on openstack instances, once we get the new lab hardware in, we should be able to get those tests running automatically on new instances ona regular basis

    17:28:07 <nuclearbob> and we can get xml output from that to feed into jenkins

    17:28:21 <gema> so we will be able to see results in jenkins then

    17:28:28 <nuclearbob> yep

    17:28:33 <gema> excellent, thanks

    17:28:39 <gema> anything else from you?

    17:28:42 <nuclearbob> nope

    17:28:54 <gema> #subtopic https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-qa-automated-test-submissions

    17:29:01 <gema> patrickmw: ?

    17:29:11 <patrickmw> work has started, nothing to report

    17:29:21 <gema> ok, thanks

    17:29:37 <gema> #subtopic https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-qa-backlog

    17:29:48 <gema> this blueprint is to keep track of all sorts of bits and pieces that we are doing but are not part of the big items we are working on

    17:29:56 <gema> if there is any question please send us an email and we'll address it

    17:30:03 <gema> amongst other things we are going to be rewriting the bits and pieces that are obsolete in the ubuntu QA wiki, if anyone wants to collaborate,

    17:30:12 <gema> you are more than welcome!

    17:30:28 <gema> just let us know so that we can coordinate the effort

    17:30:38 <gema> #subtopic https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-qa-test-case-definition

    17:30:46 <gema> we discussed a test case definition at UDS and I proposed it to the CoP in canonical, they were happy with it and decided to embrace

    17:30:56 <gema> that test case definition and start using it widely

    17:31:02 <gema> so any test cases from now on will probably have that format

    17:31:14 <gema> this blueprint is finished now, so I will make it disappear from our list of topics to discuss

    17:31:15 <charlie-tca> o/

    17:31:20 <gema> go ahead, charlie-tca

    17:31:39 <charlie-tca> Is that format available somwplace for community to use?

    17:31:49 <gema> indeed, just a sec

    17:32:05 <gema> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/TestCase

    17:32:20 <charlie-tca> Thank you

    17:32:29 <gema> we will be putting all the links to all the new content in place, because the wiki is becoming very difficult to navigate

    17:32:33 <gema> no problem

    17:32:49 <gema> #subtopic https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-p-qa-metrics

    17:33:00 <gema> we haven't started working on this yet, so nothing to report this week

    17:33:15 <gema> that is it in terms of blueprints, now the big topic of the week

    17:33:22 <gema> #topic Alpha-1 Testing

    17:33:29 <gema> jibel: ?

    17:34:02 <jibel> alpha 1 is due tomorrow, coverage could be better, here it is:

    17:34:11 <jibel> Edubuntu 50.00%

    17:34:11 <jibel> Kubuntu 5.56%

    17:34:11 <jibel> Lubuntu 42.86%

    17:34:16 <jibel> Mythbuntu Untested

    17:34:20 <jibel> Ubuntu 56.63%

    17:34:20 <jibel> Ubuntu Server 80.00%

    17:34:20 <jibel> Xubuntu 50.00%

    17:34:33 <jibel> For Ubuntu, architectures mac and powerpc are untested which explains the low coverage.

    17:34:45 <jibel> Derivatives (especially Kubuntu) need your help for A1 testing.

    17:34:51 <jibel> No release blocker bug found at the moment.

    17:35:04 <jibel> The list of defects is available at

    17:35:30 <jibel> One is particularly annoying (bug 894768) it's easily reproducible in VMs but we have one report where it fails on hardware.

    17:35:31 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 894768 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "Installation randomly fails with: File "/usr/lib/ubiquity/ubiquity/install_misc.py", line 621, in copy_file targetfh.write(buf) IOError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument " [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/894768

    17:35:45 <jibel> If you've spare hardware and can install Ubuntu Precise Desktop _i386_ on it, then you can try to confirm this bug. that would help a lot.

    17:36:14 <jibel> For this milestone we are using a new version of the iso tracker rewritten in Drupal 7, thanks to stgraber

    17:36:26 <jibel> Details on ubuntu-devel mailing list https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2011-November/034495.html

    17:36:31 <jibel> ..

    17:36:33 <jibel> questions ?

    17:36:40 <jibel> or comments

    17:37:36 <gema> doesn't look like it

    17:37:40 <gema> thanks for the update, jibel

    17:37:53 <mike-gabriel> help

    17:37:59 <mike-gabriel> ignore...

    17:38:13 <gema> ok...

    17:38:26 <gema> so moving on

    17:38:33 <gema> #topic Other Topics

    17:38:48 <gema> any other topics or issues you'd like to bring up?

    17:39:33 <gema> regarding the chairing of the meeting, I think we shouldn't force people to do it with a shuff

    17:39:44 <gema> if someone wants they can, if not, I will be doing it

    17:40:03 <gema> or if I am not able to , I hope someone will volunteer Big Grin :)

    17:40:20 <gema> but I think forcing people to chair may have detracted some collaborators from showing up

    17:40:23 <gema> just a theory

    17:40:55 <phillw> gema: I'll cover chairing if needed in an emergency Smile :)

    17:41:00 <gema> I will try to put an agenda that makes sense for next week and then I will offer the chairing of the next meeting in case anyone wants to do it the week after next

    17:41:04 <gema> thanks a lot, phillw Smile :)

    17:41:35 <gema> ok, so any thoughts regarding the new format, better, worse, are we missing anything?

    17:41:55 <patrickmw> its good

    17:41:58 <nuclearbob> yeah

    17:42:09 <nuclearbob> I think if we're missing anything it'll come up and we can add it

    17:42:25 <gema> yep, I am very glad that so many new faces were here today

    17:42:38 <charlie-tca> +1

    17:42:52 <gema> let's keep the momentum going and see if we can build a good QA community around this meeting Smile :)

    17:43:11 <gema> thank you everyone for your time, see you next week!

    17:43:46 <gema> #endmeeting

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