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Our current format for testcases


ISTQB definition of test case from ISTQB Glossary

test case: A set of input values, execution preconditions, expected results and execution postconditions, developed for a particular objective or test condition, such as to exercise a particular program path or to verify compliance with a specific requirement. [After IEEE 610]


Test cases must be unambiguous and target very clear conditions (expected results), so that two different people executing one test case, would get the same result given the same system behavior.

If one condition fails, the whole test case fails. The PASS/FAIL criteria needs to be clearly understood as well.

Test Case Id:


Test Description:

Brief description of what the test case does


Any precondition that needs to be met for the test case to be relevant or pass, also any dependencies that are particular to this test case should be highlighted


1. Action 1
2. Action 2
3. ...

Expected Results:

1. Expected result for Action 1
2. Expected result for Action 2
3. ...

What is NOT a test case?

  • Use case: A use case is a collection of test cases that ensure certain functionality (the use case) works.

  • Test case code: The code is the implementation of the test case.

  • Steps to reproduce a problem: any bug has a script or set of steps for reproducing a problem

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