Ubuntu Hour

Event Link: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-qa/2291-qatari-ubuntu-hour/

We scheduled an Ubuntu Hour for Friday 5th April 2013 from 3pm to 4pm at the Museum of Islamic Art.

There were three of us, and we just hung out and discussed how great Ubuntu is, and what we can do gain some momentum.

Present (in order of appearance)


All present agreed that the QatariTeam Logo (Ubuntu circle with a map of Qatar imposed in the centre) should be our team logo. rverrips will go ahead and implement that on the wiki via http://spreadubuntu.org

kaziweb has some great idea's about how to promote Ubuntu and get "the word out". We explained in length how we should have a two pronged strategy of Community Building activities, like Ubuntu Hour and the like, and also how we should look to encourage commercial entities to switch their offices to Open Source solutions that can run on Ubuntu, like GnuCash for accounting, Alfresco for document sharing and collaboration, etc.

We decided together that the launch later in April of RaringRingtail would be a good reason to:

  • Contact the management of Sofitel computer market to request permission to setup a booth - kaziweb will contact them.

  • Design a pamphlet/handout with details of the benefits of Ubuntu and contact details of the loco, to be handed out at Sofitel computer market if permission is granted - rverrips will design the pamphlet and send to kaziweb to produce.

  • Design a rollup banner to be used for awareness when doing the pamphlet handouts. - rverrips will desing the banner and send to kaziweb to produce.

  • Think through some idea's to either install Ubuntu on the spot for folks or hand out CD's or USB's with Ubuntu.

We ended the meetup by all presenting signing a postcard that rverrips will send to Philip Ballew

Next Meetup

The Launch Party on Friday 26th April 2013

Venue to be confirmed Sofitel computer market

Register to join us

Update on 17th April

kaziweb and rverrips had a phone conversation today and decided that we would no longer aim to meet at Sofitel computer market as an exposure event, but rather meet again for the launch party at our regular spot, the Museum of Islamic Art, and try attract some new Ubuntu users.


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