Ubuntu Hour

Event Link: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-qa/2410-ubuntu-hour/

We scheduled an Ubuntu Hour for Friday 17th May 2013 from 5pm to 6pm at the Museum of Islamic Art.

There were four of us and after a brief recap' of what we love about Ubuntu and OpenSource we did some vision casting of how we'd like to see the QatariTeam grow.

Present (in order of appearance)

  • Roy Verrips a.k.a. rverrips

  • Shahnoor Ashraf a.k.a. kaziweb

  • "Doctor" SyedN
  • Abueliz Fadul Alsadiq a.k.a. zizo0t0


The "Doctor" got started talking about how we need to set goals and grow the community. He made some valuable observations. such as how he believes we should "target" getting in touch with other people who know what Ubuntu and OpenSource are all about as an initial area for potential growth.

Building on the "Doctors" momentum we all decided together to start working on a short term (about 6 month) project to grow the QatariTeam membership, and following a suggestion by the "Doctor" we even picked a project name UbuntUmbrella.

We will work on a some strategy ideas online and via mailing lists in the next week or so to try get the defined action points behind UbuntUmbrella.

The meeting with us all very excited to see where things will lead next ...

Next Meetup

We will pick a next meeting date, time and venue given the need as we work on UbuntUmbrella


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