Ubuntu Hour

Event Link: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-qa/2457-ubuntu-hour/

We scheduled an Ubuntu Hour for Friday 5th July 2013 from 5pm to 6pm at the Museum of Islamic Art.

Present (in order of appearance)


We had a good meeting. Nino (first time visitor) was asking questions about how he could change himself and perhaps his company's desktop/laptop environment to Ubuntu. A general discussion about the benefits and options of Ubuntu went on until about 6pm. We discussed things like:

  • Ubuntu vs Kubuntu vs Lubuntu and even MacBuntu

  • Office Suites available in Ubuntu like LibreOffice

  • Internet browsers for Ubuntu like Firefox and Google Chrome and also how Microsoft Internet Explorer can be run if needed using Wine or Virtualbox

  • Email clients for Ubuntu like Thunderbird

  • Multiplatform file backup and sharing utilities like Dropbox

  • Ubuntu Software Center where various other software packages can be downloaded, mostly free, and sometimes at a cost.

  • The limitations of Ubuntu were also briefly discussed. Although software exists for web design like the great graphics package GIMP and various web editors, using them would involve a learning curve away from platforms like Adobe Flasheditor and Dreamweaver. In the same light though, we also discussed a bit how web development has now moved to a scenario where a team of developers will work on mirrored copies of a website "offline" running Apache webserver locally (which is setup in minutes on an Ubuntu machine) and publishing changes with versioncontrol systems like GIT, etc.

  • Great free website development editors like jEdit and the commercial Sublime Text 2

  • Ubuntu based website hosting solutions, like the virtual servers running Ubuntu in the cloud at Linode

  • How Ubuntu supports all major VPN standards like L2TP, PPTP and IPSec as used by commercial VPN providers such as Witopia

It also was great hearing from hyder-hr about his recent move to Ubuntu and how he's been enjoying the change, having purchased a Dell with Ubuntu preinstalled at Sofitel Plaza here in Doha.

After (From about 6:05pm to 6:10pm) that we chatted a bit about opportunities for growing the community but nothing certain as yet.

We ended around 6:15pm and look forward to having another UbuntuHour in two weeks time or so.


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