14.04 LTS Release Party - Doha, Qatar

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We hadn't met in a while, so decided the release of Trusty Tahr was a good enough reason to meet on Friday 25th April 2014 from 5pm to 6pm at the Museum of Islamic Art. (The meeting actually ran closer to 6:05pm until 6:45pm)

Present (in order of appearance)

Initial chats

Horacio was first to arrive followed by rverrips - We chatted a bit about the stability of release 14.04 and were joint by first time attendee Keith, (all the way from the norther edge of Qatar, Al Khor).

We discussed multiple installs of Ubuntu and other OS's on the same PC/Laptop and then Horacio did some editing to his "/etc/default/grub" from "default_boot=0" to "default_boot=last" and then running "sudo update-grub" which is a very helpful little edit in cases like Horacio discussed.

Traffic must've been a problem as the rest of the attendees all arrived around the same time (just after 6pm) and then we all ""celebrated the release"" and stability of ""Ubuntu 14.04 LTS"" a.k.a. TrustyTahr

Meeting discussions

We took the opportunity to has a brief team meeting and started discussing the momentum of the group and how to get more people involved.

Zizo made a proposal to have the next meeting at a different venue. All agreed, but when Zizo didn't have any specific place's in mind, we felt we should at least list a few priorities to consider when suggesting a future venue.

Obvious things like good Wifi (preferably Free), available Power and access to Toilets and refreshments were listed. Zizo however mentioned less obvious suggestions like a place where we could also take our families to enjoy their time, while we meet, etc.

kaziweb explained the importance of finding a venue where we can not just meet, but also effectively spread the word about Ubuntu, perhaps with banners, etc. in a mall. He also said any member of the team should feel free to call meetings if they felt lead, and didn't need to wait for himself or other team leaders to set them up.

kaziweb also suggested we try setup area specific meet ups, perhaps just Ubuntu Hour to start off with, and take it from there.

Suggestions for other meet ups

  • Barwa City (possibly started by Horacio)

  • Al Khor (possibly started by Keith)

Closing / Next Meeting

We then closed the meeting, as it was already 6:45pm and we'd initially planned to only meet until 6pm. We said we'd arrange the next meeting date/time and venue via email/Facebook

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