This page provides basic installation instructions that should work on most GNU/Linux systems, and also has links to instructions for certain distributions.


  • A Python installation (tested with 2.5, but may also work on lower versions).
  • Qt4 and it's Python bindings (PyQt4).

  • The youtube-dl script, version 2007.03.27 or higher.

Running QtTube

If you have all the requirements installed (see the section "Detailed Instructions" for details on how to get them), download QtTube, extract it somewhere, enter it's folder and execute the "qttube" executable you will find in it (on the terminal, cd to the folder and type "./qttube"; with Nautilus, double-click it and choose "Run in a terminal").

Installing QtTube

QtTube doesn't provide a installations script yet (although it will, in future versions). However, you can install it manually following this instructions: Manual Installation.

Alternatively, you can also grab a .deb package from GetDeb.

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