For some time now, there is a translation of the CanadianTeam page in the FrenchTeam wiki at the address:

There was a lot of modification in that page from the day it was first translated. So I realized that there was a lot of people from Quebec that are in the FrenchTeam but not in the CanadianTeam and vice-versa. I searched a long time but I couldn't easily find and/or send message to people from Quebec. This is why we decided to start the QuebecTeam. We don't want to argue with the fact that seperating things more that they are now would be bad.

But, I think it is important to create a community where we will be able to focus our efforts towards projects which relate to Quebec. Of course this would means to continue to work with the CanadianTeam and the FrenchTeam. We don't want to stop working with them we want to focus our efforts when we do. We need a place where we can learn about each others, and help each others. We need a community where we can work on project that relate to the Quebec.

We need to be closer to the Quebec population so that we can advocate Ubuntu more easily. By doing so, we will have more people working on Ubuntu-Qc, Ubuntu-CA and Ubuntu-FR projects that there was without the Ubuntu-Qc Team.

I'm currently creating and maintaining web page for the QuebecTeam. It is currently at:

I also seek others people interested to create a QuebecTeam. If you are, please contact me: DavidGiard, swe3tdave AT gmail DOT com.

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