Ubuntu Quebec (ubuntu-qc) is a local community of Ubuntu and GNU/Linux users. Our members are involved in recommending/consulting, promoting, translating, and improving Ubuntu. We are a French/English group that usually meets mostly in Montreal but that advertises events in the entire province of Quebec.

Ubuntu Québec (ubuntu-qc) est un groupe communautaire d'utilisateurs québécois de la distribution Ubuntu de GNU/Linux. Nos membres sont voués à recommander, promouvoir, traduire, développer ou bien améliorer Ubuntu. Nous sommes un groupe Français/Anglais qui se rencontrons régulièrement a Montréal, mais qui annonce d'autres évènements.

Key Details


We plan to continue:

  • Advocationg the use of Ubuntu, Linux and open source software
  • Acting as a welcoming hub for Ubuntu users in Quebec to meet and exchange knowledge.
  • Mentoring members into contributing and becoming members of different Ubuntu teams
  • Providing help, advice, experience and technical assistance to users through irc and the mailing list
  • Continue hosting Ubuntu Hour, Global Jams, Release Parties

Past activities:


  • UbuntuDrupal: David Giard of the Quebec LoCo was the originator of the UbuntuDrupal project. This was started for their LoCo but spread quickly to other LoCo teams.

  • During the 2009 Ubuntu Global Jam, members of the Quebec team shared with us how to better participate in the Open Source community : among other things, how to report bugs, how to write manual pages, etc. It's one of the things I really appreciate with open-source software : it creates communities, people help one another, instead of keeping knowledge to themselves, they'd rather share it. Quebec team members are a great example of people following this spirit, and I'm proud to be a part of that. -- Martin Gamache

  • I study in IT, and I use Ubuntu every day at school. It's my main operating system. My classmates really enjoy looking at me to see what I can do with Ubuntu, are impressed by its functionnalities and its stability, and get more and more interested in free-libre software. Ubuntu-Qc could become a "plaque tournante" of informations about Ubuntu in the province. -- Alexandre Patenaude

  • When I was looking for a new laptop, I wrote to the members of Ubuntu-Quebec about this. They advice me about which brand to buy and which to not. I was very helpful. Finally, I follow their advice and I buy a System76 laptop. Also, members of the list help me in the past (teach me in fact) about how to modify fstab and about the property and acces to files and folders. -- Marc-Antoine Daneau

  • Ubuntu-QC is an opportunity to learn on the working of the OS. Through shared problems and solutions, I have discovered a whole universe of unknown possibilities. But above all, the discussion list lifted the curtains on the problematic of proprietary software protected by DRMs. It also showed me what the team was up to in his fight, on a technical and political scale, for free software (see the multiples charges against Radio-Canada's proprietary software's politic). -- Philippe Marchand

  • It's awesome to be part of a team with so many people really interested in helping out others with various problems, as well as get involved in the development and QA efforts for Ubuntu. -- Matt Trudel

  • Ubuntu-QC is a great team, and the recent activity with getting a local TV station's website videos compatible with Ubuntu is a good example of why it's needed. -- Marc Deslauriers

  • For a longtime I wanted to be member of an Ubuntu community in my language (French) and I joined Ubuntu-QC. I spent time on #ubuntu-qc on Freenode and I'm on the mailling list as well. I was so frustrated when came out with their website and no support for us as soon I asked on website to get some help we all soon realized that we had to do something about it . Personnally I never saw a group like that to react fast an efficiently to take measure and contact website webmaster and also many other people to regroup and form a Facebook group and within a couple days they had fixed their website because of Ubuntu-QC and because of determination of all the members in that group. I personnally want to say thanks to everyone to be so much devoted to that case... and many others in future I am 100% sure -- Rémi Hachey

  • I'm one of the founders of Ubuntu Québec and i would like to say that i'm really proud to see what it has become. Especially the mailing list, to see so much people working together to solve problems and/or to help someone, is really something. I'm also proud of what we did with Ubuntu Drupal, we took our web site, and we put every bit of code we contributed and we gave it back to the community. Since then, other teams have been contributing to it, fixing bugs, adding features, etc.. I couldn't be more pleased. -- David Giard

  • Ubuntu is my only operating system since 3 years and even if the majority of my colleagues are using Debian, I always stay with Ubuntu because of the enormous amount of energy supplied in making quality open source software accessible for everyone. I've always been around the Ubuntu Québec community and enjoy the presence of many talented users. When I participate to kiosks and on the IRC channel I've had a lot of fun and I learned a lot. -- Patrick Hétu

  • I am using Ubuntu as my primary operating system since Breezy Badger. This is the first distribution I tried, and I have tried several others (Gentoo, Arch, Suse to name few). The main reason why I keep Ubuntu as my primary distribution over all the other ones out there is because I strongly feel that even if I am not a Linux expert, I can easily help some other people as well as getting help from other people easily. I feel that with Ubuntu, the "oportunistic developper/triager/helper/documentarist/artist/watever" has well it's place, and what makes it a lot easier are Loco teams. -- Jean Levasseur

  • I am too using Ubuntu since Badger, and since then I've never lost an occasion to promote it, Ubuntu is widespread in the whole Quebec, not only Montreal, I wish more people from outside MTL will make the loco successfull David Tremblay

  • Ubuntu QC is a great LoCo with many active members and a vibrant mailing list used by members all across the french speaking province of quebec. The mailing list and IRC channels also caters to english speakers therefore we are welcoming to any member in the region. -komputes


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