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Ubuntu and I...


I have used Linux on and off since 2003, but it was only after I discovered Ubuntu that I started to dedicate my time to the brazilian Ubuntu community. I feel that none of the many distros I had tried in the past gave me the same "out of the box" completeness that Ubuntu does. Now, I'm hooked for life!

Ubuntero? Yes, I am. Official member? Yes, I am.


Ubuntu and -br LoCo

  • Founder and leader of Ubuntu Brazilian Documentation Team.

    In this project, our awsome group of collaborators (the most active members are related here.) are working very hard to organize and create quality Brazilian Portuguese documentation in the Ubuntu Brazilian Wiki, with the following objectives:

    • to make the user experience better and easier;
    • to increase the knowledge of existing users and lure new users to join and become involved with the brazilian Ubuntu Community.
    A great deal of work has been done, but much more is still needed. To find out a bit more about my work, please visit our pages:

    DocumentationTeam (pt_BR)

    Ubuntu Brazilian Documentation Page (pt_BR)

    Discussion Mailing List Archives (I'm the admin) (pt_BR)

  • Official Ubuntu Translator for Brazilian Portuguese,

    I have contributed a bit with the translations of some packages as well as some portions of the server-guide and others. (see my translations).

  • Mantainer of CypherBIOS.org

    Blog dedicated to Ubuntu topics. It has been online since September of 2005, and that is where I post news, tips'n tricks, articles and others things, but only about Ubuntu Wink ;)

  • Contribuiting with pt_BR Unofficial Ubuntu Starter Guide One of the mantainers of our own Unofficial Guide, helping to bring to the end and intermediary user the tips and tricks to make Ubuntu rock even more!

  • In the Ubuntu Brazilian Forums

    I'm biocypherismo, where I try to help others and bridge the information gap between Forums and Documentation.

  • Organizining an helping the Ubuntu Brasil community site I've help to migrate and construct the new interface of principal Brazilian Community meeting place. And working to make standards to maintain a organized layout and guide-lines.

  • Alpha-tester of all Ubuntu branches (daily, flight/knot, beta, RC)

    Whenever a new version gets seeded in your repositories, I get it! Doing a dist-upgrade, reporting and sharing the results, giving tips to make it easer to upgrade. I'm using FeistyFawn at this moment!

  • I wrote some pages in Brazilian Wiki Wink ;)

    Click here to view a Full-Search in the Brazilian's Wiki, to see my relateds pages.


  • http://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/

    The CD/DVD 2 Creator for Ubuntu

  • APTonCD is my precious project! I'm working very hard to develop this tool for all Ubuntu Community.
  • What is APTonCD?
    • APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs (you choose the type of media) with all of the packages you've downloaded via APT-GET or APTITUDE, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers. APTonCD will also allow you to automatically create media with all of your .deb packages located in one especific repository, so that you can install them into your computers without the need for an internet conection.
  • To learn more about the projet, please, visit the APTonCD project page in sourceforge.net or APTonCDSpecPage on this wiki.

Things that I want to do

  • Create a trustworthy repository of Documentation of Ubuntu in Brazilian portuguese.
  • When released, put APTonCD on the Universe repository to be accessible for everyone.
  • Spread Ubuntu Word for entire World.
  • Contribute more, much more to Ubuntu Linux!

a Quote

"One OS to rule them all,

One OS to find them.

One OS to join them all,

And in the Freedom bind them."


  • I met CypherBIOS (Rafael Proença) after the metting in which the ubuntu-br-doc was created. Since then we did a huge work to organize the activities and to develop the structure necessary to the growth of the team. Particularly I like to work with him and I can say his my best partner in the community (fortunately we have a good sinergy). Rafael has the collaborative spirit of Ubuntu and has a great envolvement in the mailing list. He also does an excelent job on APTonCD, a promising software which in my opinion deserves a special attention of Edubuntu developers. - Rafael Sfair

  • Rafael Proença, or CypherBIOS as he's known in the brazilian community, is one of the new volunteers who stood out from the crowd. When we needed someone to organize and lead the newly created Documentation Team for the brazilian community, he stepped up to the plate! Together with an amazing group of volunteers (sfair, guilherme, birula, josevitor, AlexRocha, to name a few), he's done a great job of creating a brand new repository of documentation as well as getting new volunteers to colaborate. He's got my support on his candidacy to the Ubuntu Team! OgMaciel

  • Rafael is a very good document writer and organizer. He is responsible for great part of the force of the documentation team. AndreNoel

  • I'm a linux user for less than one year and I was surprised by the receptivity of the brazilian team, whose participants are always opened to new members. This spirit is also found in Rafael, which is my friend and always incentive my work on the documentation team. Rafael's abilities to manage projects and to leadership make him responsible for the volume and quality of the informations in the brazilian wiki. Jose Vitor

    • Sou usuário de Linux a menos de um ano e me surpreendi com a receptividade da comunidade pois seus membros recebem todos de braços abertos. Este é o espírito que se vê no Rafael, nele encontrei um grande amigo e incentivador do meu trabalho na documentação. Sua capacidade de gerenciar grandes projetos e instindo de liderança o fazem responsável direto pelo volume e qualidade das informações no wiki brasileiro. Jose Vitor

  • Documentation should be treated as software is. With reviews, versions, mockups, testing, stabilization. This kind of treatment CypherBIOS does to our Brazilian Documentation. I wouldn't expect anything better than he does from anyone in this task. He has been developing a good work in several areas in our local community and has obviously some experience to share worldwide. KurtKraut

  • I met Rafael when I joined to Ubuntu Brazil Documentation Team. Since then, he surprised me by the attention that he gives to the team, always helping who has any type of doubt. Today I have pride to say that I work with he. - GuilhermePaula / GuilhermePaula

Thank you my friends Big Grin :)


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