About Me

Real name:...Rafael Sfair


website:........http://sfair.wordpress.com (pt_BR)

e-mail:............<rsfair AT gmail.com>

e-mail:............<rsfair AT feg.unesp.br>

Jabber ID:......sfair AT jabber.cz


irc nick:..........sfair on Freenode

where:............Curitiba / Brazil

pt_BR wiki:....http://wiki.ubuntu-br.org/RafaelSfair

What I Do

I'm brazilian, 22 y, PhD physics student that uses Ubuntu to find and explain structures on planetary rings (first Saturn's F-Ring and now Uranus' rings).

What Ubuntu did for me

Since my master course, Ubuntu is my main OS. I use it to do my work, from writing numerical codes until run and analise data. It's a trustworthy platform and my work would be almost impossible to do another way. And I met incredible people through Ubuntu Community that share same ideias and also watch Lost!! Smile :)

What I did for Ubuntu

And other minor changes and organizing in existent pages/wikis.

What I do for Ubuntu

  • I'm the administrator of the Ubuntu Brazilian Documentation team, together RafaelProenca. I'm always trying to bring new people to help the team to grow (with quantity and quality).

  • I'm an author on planets Ubuntu-BR (my posts) and Gnu Linux Brasil

  • Document manager of the APTonCD project

  • Help people to migrate from proprietary platafor to open source (even my thesis advisor!)

What I plan to do for Ubuntu

  • Contribute to the growth of the documentation team
  • Try to migrate even more machines at my university to open source systems
  • Increase the divulgation of the Ubuntu and our work to make it always easier


-- When I knew him, we both started of the Ubuntu Brazilian Documentation Team, since then we are working to increase the number and quality of documentation about Ubuntu in portuguese. RafaelSfair always helps people who wants to contribute to Ubuntu, and always indicating the best ways to go on. His job with Ubuntu is also a very point in favour of Ubuntu and Open Source project, as he always convert people to the white side of the power. I completely agree and support his membership. -- RafaelProenca <cypherbios@ubuntu.com>

-- Rafael is one of the "monsters" of Brazilian Documentation Team. He is always helping and creating documentation wiki pages. He is member of the Ubuntu Brazilian Portuguese Translators Team. He also writes on Planeta Ubuntu Brasil. Like cypherbios, I completely agree and support his membership. -- AndreNoel <andrenoel@ubuntu.com>

-- I'm a bit suspect to talk about Rafael as with him I did 95% of my contribution in the Ubuntu community working in the documentation. He develops a brighting job in front of the Ubuntu-BR Documentation Team (with RafaelProenca). Always helping, don't miss the opportuunity to help new contributors in the right way of 'alphabetization of the wiki'. Entusiast in the teaching of the documentation write and colaborative, could be called the 'Teacher Rafael "Wiki" Sfair', so much was the times wich we worked together to discuss and write documentation. Has a amazing hability to work with people. RafaelSfair is a real leader. -- JoseVitor <josevitor@gmail.com>

  • Sou um pouco suspeito para falar do Rafael porque com ele fiz 95% de toda a minha contribuição com a comunidade na parte de documentação. Ele desenvolve brilhante trabalho a frente do Docteam (em parceria com RafaelProenca). Sempre disposto a ajudar, não perde oportunidade de auxiliar os novos no caminho da "alfabetização em wiki". Entusiasta do ensino da documentação escritra e colaborativa, poderia ser chamado de Prof. Rafael "Wiki" Sfair, tantas foram as vezes que atuamos juntos para debater e escrever documentação. Tem incrível habilidade de trabalhar com pessoas. RafaelSfair é um líder nato. -- JoseVitor <josevitor@gmail.com>

-- Rafael Sfair was one of my first "pupils" in the Translation Team. I have had the privilege to follow his involvement with the community. I was so impressed with his commitment that I accepted him into the official team within 3 months of work! It was also due to my trust and his achievements that I also suggested his nomination and approval to the newly created Doc Team! He is without a doubt one of the "backstage" heroes of the community and it would please me much to see him be recognized for his work and dedication with the membership to the Ubuntu Team! OgMaciel


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