Adding New Flavors to CDImage

Whenever a flavor gets officially recognized as a RecognizedFlavors of Ubuntu by the TechnicalBoard, there's still multiple steps that need to be performed for the new flavor to be built and released daily through cdimage.

Things to be done by the flavor developers

  • Prepare a seed branch for your flavor. Make sure it's accessible by more than one person by having a team own it - and possibly add the ubuntu-core-dev team as one of the members to ease submitting urgent fixes.
  • Prepare a meta source package (<flavor>-meta) generated from the newly created seed branch. Make sure it's accepted and published in the main archives.

Things to be done by a someone with proper permissions

  • Add the new flavor to the livecd-rootfs package in the series of interest. This usually means adding the flavor to the $PROJECT switch cases in live-build/auto/config. Some additional configuration might be needed as per flavor shape and requirements.

    • A new version of the package needs to be then released for each series the flavor wants to exist in.
    • If you want to use add_task for your project package configuration, see the additional ubuntu-archive-publishing step below
  • Add the new flavor to the ubuntu-cdimage project - needs to be added into ALL_PROJECTS and all other places where other flavors are being referenced.

    • Remember to deploy the changes on the production machine once the changes are merged into trunk (see ReleaseTeam/CDImageSetup for more information).

  • Create the livefs objects for the new project on Launchpad
    • Open up lp-shell: lp-shell production devel

    • Execute:'/~ubuntu-cdimage', distro_series='/ubuntu/<SERIES_NAME>', name='<FLAVOR_NAME>')

  • If in the livecd-rootfs you want to use tasks for your system setup, you need to add the new task to the ecosystem. Find an archive admin that will add your flavor task to scripts/cron.germinate in lp:ubuntu-archive-publishing.

    • For the changes to take effect a publisher run for the selected series needs to happen. This can be forced by a TechnicalBoard member or requires some proposed-migration succeeding.

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