12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) Weekly Meeting

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Meeting Format

To make this meeting efficient for everyone (and hopefully reduce confusion), would appreciate it if everyone tried to follow these conventions.

  • At start of meeting, please wave or say hi so we know you're present and paying attention.

  • Once the topic, becomes Question and Answer Session,

    • When you have a new question to ask, or thread of conversation to start off, please raise your hand "o/"
    • If your just asking a follow up question/commenting on the current open question - just type.
    • When possible, please target your questions to specific individuals by using their nick. Others should feel free to comment if they have information to add to the discussion.
    • When you've finished your comments on the current question/discussion topic, please use the convention ".." so we know you're done, and we can move on to the next queue'd up question (as indicated by a 'o/').

I'll try to call on folks in the order I see "o/"s showing up after the Q&C session starts.

Once there are no more "o/"'s in the queue, we'll end the meeting, there won't be an any other business topic, etc.

Suggestions on improving the above conventions are most welcome.

Hardware Certification team update - brendand

  • see:

QA team update - gema

Community testing update - balloons

Security team update - mdeslaur

Kernel team update - ogasawara

Foundations team update - ogra

Server team update - arosales

Linaro update - fabo

Ubuntu One Team - joshuahoover

  • see:

Desktop Team update - seb128

Unity Team update - popey

  • see:
  • plans: ??

Kubuntu Team update - jr

Edubuntu Team update - stgraber or highvoltage

Xubuntu Team update - knome or astraljava

Ubuntu Studio update - scott-work

Lubuntu Team update - gilir

Mythbuntu Team update - superm1

  • Working on 12.04.1 LTS, not 12.10

MOTU Team Q&A - tumbleweed, iulian or Laney

  • ?

Other Topics

  • none

Q&A by the teams on the above status

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