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Ubuntu Activities

Linux Experience

I remember trying to install linux for the first time, on a 486, from floppies. I don't think I got Debian running back then, but I always remembered there was an alternative to the default on PCs. I'm happy to say that Ubuntu and Debian are my home computing environment now.

I tend to be one that people ask for computer help, maybe the smell of the Internet Help Desk will wear off one day. At least now more of the questions relate to Linux.

Areas of Interest

  • Mobile devices: Nokia 770 Internet Tablet,
  • GPS: GeoCaching, navagation systems, ...

  • Amateur Radio, (newly exploring this one)
  • Web Frameworks, Rails, ...
  • Programming: Perl, Ruby, Want to learn Python
  • Social media, Feeds, Micro-blogging, ...

About Me

Father of 2, born in Arkansas, now lives in Louisiana.


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