Note: This was a page for collecting thoughts regarding Launchpad Translations. You should use to add new requests instead of this page.

General Thoughts

  • This shouldn't go away, as there might be important differences between regional versions of a language, but there should be a way to prevent useless translations. Maybe the different "sub-languages" should be shown at the same time in the UI, or they should only be shown/used on request (maybe a language team coordinator should be responsible for doing this)? (--JanClaeys)

  • Many translators aren't part of a "language group", they often don't have any experience with translating, and it's not always easy to contact them if they do something "wrong". Maybe it would be better if all translators would be subscribed to a mailing list or could be reached through some other communication channel? (--JanClaeys)

  • List all untranslated string (and fuzzy) of all po in the same page (ten by ten of course) in alphabetical order. It will enable to watch if same strings in differents applications are translate by the same string. (--NSV)
  • diff option to show the differences between the translations. (--JorgeGonzalezGonzalez)

  • I wish to be able to find a certain string in a specific package, or in all packages in a specific language (search engine). This would be useful for example when we see an untranslated or mistranslated string in the UI, but don't know exactly from which package or where exactly in the package (--Claude)
    • It would be very nice if there were a way to get something like CVS access to the database -- an ability to pull diffs. As a developer, I really just want to be able to run a shell script of some kind to grab all the translations at once, so the current webform+wait for e-mail isn't ideal. (--TomHinkle)

  • See who else is online for the same translation package (--firepol)
  • See if someone is browsing/viewing -and potentially editing- a page (--firepol)
  • Search function: to search for a string and see all sentences containing it (--firepol)
  • List of locations and select by location: browse/translate ten by ten filtering only one particular "Located in:" location (--firepol)
  • List of translators and select by translator: browse all translations/corrections by a transaltor and be able to review them ten by ten (--firepol)
  • Show (and/or edit) more than one language at a time, to aid multilingual and not-so-good-English-speaking people, plus multi-locale translations. (--MatthiasUrlichs)

  • There should be a mean to attach image files so as to be able to create localized screenshots (especially useful for documentation) (--Claude)
  • It would also be useful to be able to attach other sorts of files for localization or customization. For example, my app includes some translation tasks that can't be done using PO files -- it would be nice to either attach these files (and allow translated attachments) or attach further instructions/pointers --Tom H.
  • Building upon Tom's idea, there should be a way to upload guidelines to translation for a specific language, e.g. a vocabulary of pervasive terms in a given application (say, for Inkscape, translations of 'layer', 'shape', 'trace', and so on). It could be a simple text file written in prose that contributors are recommended to read before starting translation, or a (semi-)structured set of keys and values that allow Rosetta to parse the msgid of templates and suggest translations to specific terms. I believe this will only make sense when the notion of translation teams is brought into Rosetta, though. (--AndrĂ© Oliveira.)


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