About Me

My name is Salih Emin and since 2013 I am Ubuntu Member

I started using Linux based operating systems in 2001. First with Lycoris Linux, then with Mandrake and then with SuSE Linux. In 2007 I made the switch to Ubuntu and since then it is my personal and work related operating system!

I got involved with computers and Linux while working with customers in need for an alternative operating system and with the community in terms of technical support. This was an awarding experience because I learned lots of things about the "art of community" and "evangelism of Linux Desktop to consumers".

I work as an IT Consultant and Open Source Software Strategist in a private company and in my spare time I blog about Linux, create video tutorials, testing and bug reporting for Ubuntu development editions, and getting involved in various activities, with members of the Greek Ubuntu Community.

Contact Information


Having over 10 years of experience on Linux Desktop environments, I have helped many customers and friends to migrate to Ubuntu Desktop. Here are some of my contributions:


Future Goals

  • Keep promoting the use of FOSS Software

  • Brake my personal record of people that I have converted to use Ubuntu as their primary operating system

  • Participate in Ubuntu Touch (Phone/Tablet) project as community member, translator, bug reporter
  • Giving a speech at "openSUSE Conference" in Thessaloniki (2013/7/20) about "How to evangelize Linux"


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Thank you for your time and kind words !

  • My name is George Christofis, LoCo contact of Ubuntu Greece. Salih is one of the most active member on Foss community in Grecce with big emphasis on Ubuntu. It is very important his contribution on diffusion the Ubuntu in greek users, with many useful articles and tutorials. ~geochr

  • Salih has dedicated a lot of his time promoting Ubuntu, Linux and FOSS in Greece via his articles, his presentations and his presence in social networks. His contribution is very important and impressive as he is been doing a great job spreading the word about Ubuntu for many years and I believe he is a valuable asset to the community. ~eliasps

  • Salih's one of the most active Ubuntu (and Linux) advocates out there in Greece. I particularly appreciate his translation work (I'm a translator as well) and it'd be great having him in the Ubuntu Members family as a recognition for his overall work. -- fitoschido 2013-06-16 07:56:43

  • Salih for many years dealing with Linux and especially Ubuntu made ​​many presentations at various events, writes guides and helps new and old users as needed.It is one of the few in Greece that with the knowledge he has, always kind and tirelessly offers help.ubuderix

  • I'm NikTh (nick-athens30) and I'm an Ubuntu member. Salih is one of the most active advanced users in Greece (from those who I know). He organizes presentations and events in Thessaloníki and helps new (and non-) users to luxuriate in Ubuntu world. What impressed me (and still impresses me) is his will power to convince users to migrate into Ubuntu. One of the most recent events he organized, is the Ubuntu 13.04 presentation, a marathon over one hour and thirty minutes where Salih explained in details the installation process and the new features of Ubuntu 13.04. I strongly believe he deserves the recognition as an Ubuntu Member. ~NikTh

  • When you think of Free Software, Linux and Ubuntu in Greece, Salih is one of the first people that come to mind. From organising Ubuntu release parties to preparing technical presentations and helping new users migrate to Ubuntu. These are but a small subset of his activities, involving Ubuntu. He is a valuable member of our community and will make an excellent Ubuntu Member. ~evolgen

  • Salih is one of the leading active members of Ubuntu-gr in Greece. He is based in Salonica (second largest city in Greece) and one of his main tasks is the promotion of Ubuntu there, which is essential since most other members are located in Athens. Apart from advovacy, he is a developer, and developed several important pieces of software. He will make a great Ubuntu Member and I fully support his application. simosx (Ubuntu Member)

  • Two and a half year before, as i was trying to get to know more about my new operating system, i stumbled upon Salih's articles about Ubuntu's inner operations and structure. I know for a fact that his enthousiastic approach and his easily understandable way of writing, have turned a lot of once-newbies to confident and experienced Ubuntu users that now share the same passion as he does. I am one of them and i thank him for that. Salih will definately be a valuable Ubuntu Member, he is one of the most passionate Ubuntu evangelists that i know. ~fkol-k4

  • Although I use openSUSE, I discuss with Salih about the Ubuntu news and especially GNOME Ubuntu news that I read online. As far as I know, he've very active with Ubuntu-gr community (see above all his contributions). He's very helpful not only with Ubuntu users but with users from other ditros. He's very friendly to cooperate with communities from other distros to promote FOSS in general. Except technical stuff, he's very good character and I think he'll be the best advocate-promoter of Ubuntu not only in Greece but globally. Thank you Salih for everything. diamond-gr (GNOME Foundation and openSUSE member)

  • He is a person who make a lot work with presentations. I must say that I find him very inspiring and motivates a lot of others to follow this example and promote the idea of the Greek ubuntu community. ntoulasd (Ubuntu Member, aka the_eye)

  • I have not met Salih in person (only through a social network page and the Greek ubuntu forum), but still I could very easily see and understand that he is very knowledgable and passionate about ubuntu. Always eager to help, very active (arranging presentations), and ready to solve any queries you may have. To cut the long story short, there is no doubt that Salih deserves to become an ubuntu member. He will be a great asset.~madvinegar

  • I have not met Salih in person either but I have read many of his articles and watched many of his videos. As the others said Salih is a person with passion about spreading Ubuntu and FOSS in general and guide/help new users to understand how Ubuntu works and solve their problems. Salih is already a valuable asset to Greek Ubuntu community and I believe making him an Ubuntu member is something that he deserves. ~clepto

  • My name is Constantinos, editor in chief, οm Salih, is a good friend and a very great offers in community.~constantinos

  • Salih does great work with Ubuntu, helping users, promoting and sharing stuff through social media, screencasting Ubuntu videos and much more! He is a good friend and a loyal servant in Ubuntu community and the main reason I call him first is due to the fact he solves things in the Ubuntu's way. That has been told, we've been working together in many projects in GitHub, such as NVIDIA Ubuntu Installer and last but certainly not least he is hosting ~UbuntuXtreme. ~drpaneas

  • My name is Constantine Apostolou, creator of a Linux based operating system called Cinux. Salih has shown that he is one of the most active member in the field of Free and Open Source Software since he continuously contributes, greatly emphasizing on Ubuntu. His active presence in any FOSS community is of great importance. ~conmarap

  • My name is Sotiris Papadimitriou and i am a member of the Ubuntu Greek community since February of 2011. Salih has offered me many times help. Among linux users in greece salih is known as kernel-man. I think that salih would be a valuable addition to the Ubuntu community as an Ubuntu member. ~sotiris21papadimitriou

  • My Name is Bill Niakas and Salih Emin besides beeing a good friend, introduced me to the numerous capabilities of open source technology and thus inspired me to bring this philosophy to others not only in computing but in everyday life. I believe that his membership will not only add another valuable member to this ever-growing community but it will also acknowledge his achievements in the open source field and ubuntu so far. ~Bill Niakas

  • Thanks for your valuable help ~nikoalki

  • He is very good helping other people.... ~carnalbeast

  • Salih has helped me very many questions that I had with ubuntu and helps a lot of people through the ubuntu-gr community ~ziboman

  • I vote for Mr. Emin, too! I can testify his contribution in understanding and adopting Ubuntu GNU/Linux and FOSS! ~anvo

  • Salih keep walking. You have the spirit of open source, Go on!!!! d-soukoulis01

  • I know Salih from and is very helpfull to anyone, he has solved many problems and he can offer to much in Open Source..he deserve it Smile :) ... ~chrisban4

  • Salih has dedicated a lot of his time promoting Ubuntu in Greece via his articles, his presentations and his presence in social networks. His contribution is very important and impressive as he is been doing a great job spreading the word about Ubuntu for many years and I believe he is a valuable asset to the community.~loufakis

  • My name is Mino i know Salih from and Greek Ubuntu Community . Is a professional developer. He help me too many times with his knowledge on Ubuntu. Is an active member in Greek Open Source Community and he contributes an excessive degree on Ubuntu. ~minotavrs

  • My name is Kyriakos Schwarz and I have learned a lot about Ubuntu and linux in general through the many great articles Salih has written. I have also been using a bash script that he created, uCareSystem for system updates and maintenance. ~tr3quart1sta

  • My name is Dionysios Grivas i know Salih Emin from and ubuntu-gr. Salih is very good developer.~grivadio

  • I don't know Salih in person but through and From his contribution to Ubuntu and opensource communities in Greece as well as from his projects and presentations i fully believe he should be a Ubuntu Member.~j3lc

  • My name is Dionisis Haritopoulos and I've known Salih via and from using his Distro, Cerebrux. I've used his helpful tutorials many times and asked for his help quite as many.~blackfoxvng

  • When you think of Free Software, Linux and Ubuntu in Greece, Salih is one of the first people that come to mind. Themis Giataganis ~samatas2010

  • My name is Kostas and I know Salih from his work and his guides at osarena, also from his distro IQunix.

  • I 've known Salih since my first steps in Ubuntu and his guidance and advocation have helped many people choose Free Software and Ubuntu in particular for their work and fun. Michael Kotsarinis ~mk73628

  • I know Salim from ubuntu forum. He is a concerned man.....!!! ~athmakrigiannis

* I know Salim from the ubuntu forum. He is very good developer.

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