Current / Ongoing

Ubuntu After a period of inactivity the team is gearing back up. These should be our first priorities:

  • Update the /ScreencastTeam/RecordingScreencasts page and the screencasts made from it.

  • increase the teams visibility, letting people know we are active again.
  • A review and updating of current screencasts.
  • Translation - Recruit more transcribers and translators to build on the number we already have. /

  • Screencasting Screencast - (this is mentioned above)We get asked for a "how to make screencasts" screencast at most meetings. This needs to be made, based on our "how to screencast" wiki page (which also needs updating):-

  • Screencasts in Ubuntu - - This spec aims to deliver screencasts directly on the desktop within a robust but compact player. We need to see this through UDS with the aim of getting it in the next release.

  • Make things easier - Making quality screencasts isn't easy. We need to look at ways to make that process easier for people to contribute to.

    • Break up the documentation into separate knowledge base how-tos
  • All in one screencasting - Somewhat blue sky thinking, we would like to spec up and help develop a desktop application which can perform many of the typical screencasting tasks over and above just recording screen activity.


  • run initiatives to increase the visibility of the team
    • Get them on the cover of Linux magazines
  • Get screencasts embedded in Ubuntu - See ScreencastsInUbuntuSpec

  • Get screencasts translated (audio re-dubbed) to other languages
  • Make screencasts available on CD/DVD



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