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About Us

The goal of the Screencasts Team is to make high quality learning materials, specifically screencasts, available to Ubuntu users. Screencasts are useful for demonstrating and teaching software features. A screencast allows for the capturing of on-screen actions with an audio recording explaining what is going on. This allows for a comprehensive and thorough demonstration.

Ubuntu See the /FAQ for more information about our screencasts.

I Want to Make Screencasts

If you would like to help out with making screencasts, you're in the right place!

This is the procedure for submitting a new screencast:
Ubuntu Visit the ScreencastTeam/Requests page and write a specification for your planned screencast. If possible, consult with the Screencast Team about which screencasts most need attention.
Ubuntu Contact the Screencast Team and discuss your specification.
Ubuntu After some discussion, you can go ahead and record the screencast. A guide to contributing can be found at ScreencastTeam/RecordingScreencasts.
Ubuntu When you've finished the screencast, upload it to:

Ubuntu The team will then review the screencast and give you feedback. If we are happy with it then we will upload it to the screencast website!

NEW:See a flowchart of this procedure: ScreencastFlowChart.odg

Anyone can submit a screencast project and make a video for the approval of the team (see above). If you enjoy making screencasts or want to help support this team in some other manner feel free to join our team.

I Want to Watch Screencasts

You can find the screencasts that this team has published at

Other Screencasts

Ubuntu Developers Network
Launchpad Channel on YouTube


Screencast Team meetings happen on an as needed basis. All meetings are held in #ubuntu-screencasts on

Meetings are posted on the Fridge. You can click here to subscribe. Google calendar will convert the time for you automatically if you subscribe, but the Fridge website will always show events in GMT.

For more details see the /Meeting Page.

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