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Various screen saver hacks use bitmap images as input. We would like to provide Ubuntu branded images, community artwork and other interesting images as default content for these modes.


The current screen saver image provided as a default is an unattractive TV-test-screen type image. This should be changed to a more attractive Ubuntu branded image. This will not only look better than the current image, but will also serve to further reinforce the Ubuntu brand.

Additionally, we should provide community contributed artwork to be displayed in the screen saver.

Use cases

Mark took a trip to into space and would like to contribute photos taken on this trip for use as screen saver images.

Canonical Ltd. has some nice human-circle and logo images, which would make a good Ubuntu branded screen saver collection for display on public workstations such as those installed in local community centers, libraries and on show at conferences etc.

Joe took a trip to Kenya and returns with photos of African vistas and wildlife. He thinks they ROCK and he would like to share these with the Ubuntu community.

Steve has created beautiful artistic images using GIMP, which are in demand as screen saver images.


The Artwork team will be responsible for deciding on the manner in which they want to propose appropriate images. This will include defining and applying a policy and set of standards for image submission, assessment and selection. Once the selection is made the Artwork team will then propose them to the Desktop team for approval.

 Note: JeffWaugh will facilitate this with the Artwork team

Items for the Art Team to consider with regard to Policy and standards:
Policy & Standards - A governing policy is required to provide guidelines for managing the submission, selection and use of images within the screen saver. The policy will need to consider the following:

  • How to gather images. (web site submissions as per
  • What constitutes a good/bad image.
    • Image size.
    • Image resolution.
    • Content/subject restrictions. [e.g. nudity, violence, political, religious etc]
    • Image types, photos, stylized photos, digital artwork etc.
    • File format.
    • Other?
  • How to decide which images to include.
    • Moderation.
    • Community voting.
  • Categorization of images??
    • Users may prefer images of a certain theme (e.g. Space Travel, Technology, City scapes etc). Would images be categorized for easy themed sorting and selection?
  • Licensing of images - all images would need to declared as CC-attribution by the submitter.
  • Other

Note: The Art team to revise, complete and agree on the policy and standards as appropriate

Gallery - A gallery facility will be required for the collection, display and possibly voting on images.

Note: The Art team to decide on this as appropriate

Moderation Team - a team of moderators will be required to moderate the gallery submissions.

Note: The Art team to decide on this as appropriate

Default Images - A final selection of default images which can be displayed in the screen saver on installation are to be placed in the screen saver package.

Note: The Art team to decide on this as appropriate

Image Gallery A selection of themed image sets which can be displayed in the screen saver on user install, could be provided in a screensaver-gallery package.

Note: The Art team to decide on this as appropriate


Gallery - suggestion that a section is created on to collect, moderate and poll on images.

Note: The Art team to decide on this as appropriate



Gallery - create a new section for screen saver images in This must have:

  • The capability to moderate images (policy rules to be applied here)
  • A way to categorize images in the gallery (as per policy).
  • Community Voting Poll capability (to allow images to be voted on for popularity)

Note: The Art team to decide on this as appropriate, allowing enough time for images to be collected, moderated and selected before the artwork freeze.

Moderation Team - form a team of moderators to moderate the gallery submissions, as per the policy.

Note: The Art team to decide on this as appropriate, allowing enough time for images to be selected before the artwork freeze.

Default Images - select the default images to be displayed in the screen saver on installation in screensaver package. The themed image sets to be provided for additional installation to be provided as well if this is included as per decision above.

Note: The Art team to decide on this as appropriate, and submit to the Desktop team no later than on the date of the artwork freeze. 

Packaging - packaging of the chosen default images into screen saver package, so that they are installed into the directory that the screen saver accesses for images. If required as per Image Gallery option above, the creation of a screensaver-gallery package containing the themed image sets.

Note: The Desktop team will be responsible for the packaging. This will commence once the Default Images (and possibly gallery images) have been received, no later than the date of the artwork freeze.


No code changes are required. This is limited to the packaging of images in the appropriate screen saver packages, as mentioned above.

Proposal: Switch webwhacker gallery to use the screen saver section of, in a similar way to gnome-art wallpaper handling. See:

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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