My name is Seif Lotfy and I have been using Ubuntu full-time since November 2004. I started contributing to Gimmie in 2006 until its maintainer decided to cease development. I am actively involved in Mayanna. October 2008 I became a GNOME foundation member and initiated/co-founded the Zeitgeist Project, which I am currently democratically driving and managing. As part of the project we work very closely with Ubuntu and Canonical to provide the best Zeitgeist experience.


Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

I have been actively participating on the Ubuntu forums since 2006. I am also one of the oldest members of the Egyptian loco team. My main contribution to Ubuntu would be mainly via Zeitgeist and GNOME Activity Journal (GNOME Zeitgeist), focusing on delivering their experience primarily on Ubuntu systems (since this is what I am running :P) and hosting both projects on launchpad. Also I have been working Organise FW to provide the Ubuntu Desktop a semantic desktop touch.

Hopefully in the future I can get more involved with the DX team in getting Zeitgeist deployed on KDE too, as well as use technologies supported by Ubuntu to provide a unique desktop experience.

I attended the UDS 2008 and worked closely with the UX team to fix some major problems in GNOME Zeitgeist. I also held a talk at GCDS 2009 and presented Zeitgeist at the Open World Forum. I will be attending the next UDS to discuss topics excluding Upstream such as Marketing FLOSS in the Middle East.



  • Seif's capacity of thinking of new ways to innovate the desktop and take it one step further into the future is endless, and that he actually has the skills to make those ideas possible is even more impressive. We need more people like him working on GNU/Linux! -- SiegfriedGevatter 2009-10-03 20:55:30

  • Seif is an influential and essential member of the Ubuntu community, and a significant driving force behind many of the innovations that will arrive on the Linux desktop over the next few years. Seif is patient, humble, driven, a talented engineer, and he knows how to complement his skills by seeking the talents of others. What a great guy to work with! -- DavidSiegel 2009-10-05 14:01:30

  • Seif's sense of excitement is really infectious, he's learned to take advantage of opportunities at conferences to get the right people to work on the right bits of the stack to move Zeitgeist forward. -- jorge 2009-10-06 19:16:13

  • Seif is unique in his enthusiasm for simplifying the desktop experience for all users. His work on Zeitgeist is an excellent example of this: Letting users get to where they want to go as fast and as intuitively as possible. Ubuntu will be better off with his contributions through code and ideas. -- njpatel 2009-10-06 22:15:13

  • Seif is awesome he is not only a great coder he is also a very approachable project lead. He is a great leader in the community and is a real pleasure to work with on Zeitgeist. He is such an asset to the community. shanepatrickfagan Shane Fagan

  • One thing that really sets Seif apart from a lot of developers is his ability to get out there and make things happen. Seif has a gift for getting the right people together and motivating them to fill the holes in our desktop experience. If I can make one prediction, its that Seif and Zeitgeist will not only leave a noticeable footmark on how we interact with our computers, the experience will be changed completely. -- Daniel Fore

  • Seif is a fantastic individual, full of the kind of drive and motivation that would make any open source project a huge success. He is a one of a kind, who constantly challenges himself, and pushes forward with great innovative ideas. He is an excellent lead, humble, and at the same time able to work with a team to get the motivated and work on finishing the goal. He understands the word "team" and is able to be an excellent part of one. I think he will accomplish a lot, not that he hasn't, and will be a great part of any time he decides to work in. Jamal Fanaian

  • Seif is a real innovator, I've seen him reshaping many apps so it smoothly make use of Zeitgeist's features. He constantly has new ideas to spread the word and knows how to match community needs with ideas and effort. Though he is abroad, he participates in conversations and gives his opinion, which is valuable, to gain efficiency and best organization for Egypt loco team. He also tries to get ppl, as many as he can, involved into development, bug triage, etc.... He'll be one of my two candidates for the next council of Egypt loco team -- ashams 2012-01-08 19:00:00

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