NGINX in Zesty Zapus

Zesty Zapus will ship with NGINX version 1.10.3*.

This page here details important changes, new features, or notes regarding NGINX for Zesty Zapus.

* Subject to change, until FinalFreeze

New Features

Dynamic Module Support

As of NGINX version 1.10.0, Dynamic Modules have been available for NGINX, but were not enabled in Ubuntu. Since Ubuntu Xenial, we had not shipped any of the dynamic module functionality from Debian.

As of Zesty Zapus 17.04, dynamic module support, and other related packaging changes, are now available in the NGINX package.

Performance Notes and Changes

fPIE / fPIC Enablement and Performance Impact on 32-bit NGINX

As of Zesty Zapus 17.04, the default building of packages has changed slightly to push for the fPIE (Position Independent Executable) flags to be pushed in for builds of packages. As a result of this change to the default build environments, and at the urging of the Security Team to leave it enabled, we have also had to enable the fPIC (Position Independent Code) flags for the code as well.

While we have shipped with fPIE in builds since at least Xenial Xerus 16.04 due to it being requested for the builds, it was not yet caused issues until the introduction of shared libraries and modules. The issue was that the shared libraries and executables both failed to build without enabling fPIC (Position Independent Code) as well. It has already been identified that there may be a performance impact from fPIE on 32-bit builds, but this performance impact may be more noticeable thanks to enabling fPIC as well.

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