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Who is Severity1

I am 22 years old and since I was a kid I have always been fascinated with computers. I first started using Ubuntu on the day they released Gutsy, It was my first Linux experience too. I gradually started doing most of my stuff on Ubuntu like, word processing, editing photos, making vector art, listening to music, watching movies, browsing the web and many more!

I find the community around Ubuntu very warm and helpful, as a way to give back to the community I do my best to help out in anyway I can, I try to promote Ubuntu in my neighborhood and among my friends, Some of those who I've encouraged to use Ubuntu are very happy with their decisision (I can be really persuasive when I'm drunk ;)). I help out in the forums and irc from time to time, that is if I think I can help out at all, so far I haven't heard any negative feedback from them. Smile :)

What keeps me busy

  • Read LPIC materials (taking the exam this March).
  • Hanging-out at #ubuntu-beginners chatting and helping-out other users.
  • Recently volunteered to be Administrator of Ubuntu-PH (my LoCo's official website).

  • Doing random stuff.


  • Open Systems
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Hang-out at #ubuntu-beginners, #ubuntu-folding and #ubuntu-ph
  • Helping others
  • Learning new stuff


  • Helping other users who come in #ubuntu-begginers troubleshoot their problems. Smile :)

  • Support for multi-core processors in laptop-mode-tools.
  • Administering my LoCo's official website.

  • Hunt duplicate bugs.

To Do's

  • Restart sOS project - severeOS, a linux from scratch system.
  • Provide more help to the community.
  • Add more write-ups and tutorials for Ubuntu-PH.


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