Team Ubuntu Singapore comprises of a few individuals who are brought together by a common belief in the virtues of the Open Source model and more specifically by the possibilities made possible because of Ubuntu OS. Our full list of members is located at our launchpad team profile.

Unlike the more established organisations such as Linux User Group Singapore (LUGS), Ubuntu Singapore is a small team with limited resources. As such, we cannot afford to spread ourselves too thinly and we need to be focused.

A potential project we considered embarking on is to create a Singapore-centric Ubuntu/Linux/OSS info resource on the Internet. This sounds like a do-able project given that the resources required need not be too substantial, and taps on the inclinations of the existing members.

Who is this group for?

This group is for anyone residing in Singapore, who uses or is interested in some flavour of Ubuntu, whether it's Ubuntu, Kubuntu or any others. This group is for people of all technical abilities from I've-never-heard-of-linux all the way to Ubuntu-Guru.

How do I join?

There is no official process to join, however if you join the launchpad team you are then able to vote in polls organised by the group. Discussion happens on the mailing list which you are free to join. There is also an active group of members who chat in real time on IRC in the #ubuntu-sg channel on Our website is temporarily offline. But do come back again later to contribute articles and forums.


Team Ubuntu Singapore can be reached by various means:

In accordance to LoCo policy, we also have a launchpad team at


TUSG customized shirts

2010-06-03 As we have discussed on the mailing list, we are designing customized polo shirts for team members and supporters. Please take a look at the shirt design and offer feedback on the mailing list. To help us determine the number of shirts we will create, indicate your interest on this form.

Upcoming Activities

  • Planning in progress

Past Activites

Documents and presentations used for the events available for download.


Meetings are currently organised through the mailing list.


Upcoming Events

Events participated by Team Ubuntu Singapore. Contains event information, document sources licensed under Creative Commons and Gallery.

How to Contribute


You can contribute to the Singapore Ubuntu in many ways. We are looking for ways to reach out to Ubuntu users in Singapore.

Some suggestions:

  1. Post Ubuntu posters on Notice Boards all over Singapore
  2. Create articles and content for our website when it comes back online.
  3. Participate in local events or exhibitions
  4. Talks for schools and other educational institutions
  5. Provide support through our web forum when it comes back online.

Join us in the mailing list or forum to share your thoughts.

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