This document indexes the various specifications for how software should be presented to people using Ubuntu.

Major components:

Other elements

Random notes

Increase use of apt: links by Ubuntu enthusiasts, software projects, and ISVs, replacing terminal commands or standalone downloads. This will likely involve:

  • Prominent and highly understandable information on about how to get your software (whether Free or non-Free) packaged for Ubuntu.
  • An apt: evangelism campaign for projects that already have their software packaged in the Ubuntu repositories.

Fine-tune the interface presented when software updates are available. This may involve:

  • Presentation of the new better descriptions of security updates.

  • When updates are presented automatically, collapsing the list of updates by default, concentrating instead on the existence of updates and the choice to install them now or later.

Establish a system within Launchpad for registered users to suggest a better description, category, keywords, and/or screenshot for a software package, and for the package maintainer to incorporate those changes into a new version of the package, so that end users can find the software more easily later.

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