Welcome to the South Dakota LoCo. We are here to support Ubuntu in the state of South Dakota. Please join our team and help us grow. You can find more information through our network. Just use the links up top.

About Us

The South Dakota Ubuntu Local Community Team promotes the use of Ubuntu and other open source technologies in South Dakota through service, education, and advocacy.

Our Goals

Most of our goals are only short term. These can be found in our Road Maps.

Static Goals:

  • Distribute Ubuntu CDs everywhere.
  • Advocate free and open source solutions (FOSS).
  • Promote Ubuntu in the area.
  • Provide support for new users.
  • Create a community driven team.

Buddy Links

Siouxland Linux User Group:
Black Hills Linux User Group:


You can find documents and other materials for our LoCo can be found at SouthDakotaTeam/Materials.

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