The MOTU wiki has grown a lot over time. It has pages that are out of date, inaccurate, duplicate information. This confuses new contributors. We are going to fix this by dealing very strictly with it. We'll have definite documentation and will fix namespace issues.


Documentation is our biggest help in getting new contributors started. Having documentation easily available is the most efficient way in sharing our knowledge and learning ourselves.

Use Cases

Daniel forgot how to use the quilt patch system, he searches for "patching sources" and finds the wiki page.

S├ębastien finds himself explaining how to do a merge for the third time this month. He simply points the new contributor to the definite guide.

Matt wonders how development processes differ between main and universe. UbuntuDevelopment answers his questions.

Michael wonders, what the MOTU team is about, he checks out the wiki page and finds that it's the team, where Universe development is happening, that it adheres to UbuntuDevelopment and its wiki pages are tidy and easy to read.


It's easier to learn about UbuntuDevelopment in general. Having two namespaces with different explanations of the same thing make it harder to understand.


  • We will cut down duplication of wiki pages and have definite guides.
  • The MOTU wiki pages will just explain about very team specific things, like meetings. Lots of information will be in subsections of UbuntuDevelopment.


To sum up the idea in a 'rule of thumb':

  • Process and documentation information should be easily findable and avoid the risk of duplication.
  • We can stick to names that are well known already, like MOTU, MOTU/School, MOTU/Council and so on, but they should refer to more general information, where possible.

  • The bits that in their core are really MOTU-centric are very few.


We will have redirects from old URLs to new ones.


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