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About Me

I'm a 34 year old father of five living in the United States, in the Great State of Idaho. I am not in a technical field in my profession, but using computers has become a hobby of mine. I build and repair computers for friends and associates. I have been using Ubuntu since Hoary (may 2005), and never looked back. Ubuntu was my first experience with Linux, and I am thankful it was shown to me. Helping fix Bug #1 has been a priority of mine since my first install.

In November 2006, I founded the OhioTeam LoCo team. The team has grown quickly and now has over 150 members! As a team we have some BIG plans to spread Ubuntu across the Great State of Ohio! (so far my wife has been very supportive )

Things I do for K/Ubuntu


  • Former member of Ubuntu Forums staff (over two years of service)
  • Founder of the Ohio LoCo Team

  • Presentations!!!
  • Member of the MOTU team
  • Member of Package Training Coordinators
  • part of many KDE release, aka Kubuntu NINJA!
  • most recently packaged KDE 4.5.5
  • Managed several KDE releases

Future Plans

  • Continue to work with Kubuntu on perfecting the art of release managementâ„¢
  • Become a Kubuntu Developer

motu-release advocations

  • Stephen has my support for motu-release -- nhandler 2009-08-02 02:34:24

  • Stephen is a strong MOTU and has my support for motu-release Jonathan "JontheEchidna" Thomas

  • Good MOTU with great overview, has my support for motu-release -- andreas-wenning 2009-08-02 02:45:15

IRC Council

I have been an active part of the community for several years. Most of this time I have been on IRC, in several Ubuntu Channels. Although I have never been an op on an official Ubuntu Channel (other than #ubuntuforums... and I'm not sure if that counts or not) I have been a volunteer for freenode for about two years now.

I enjoy spending time helping out on IRC. Since I wear ( or have worn ) many hats in the community, I feel I could bring a unique perspective to the Council. I strongly believe in conflict RESOLUTION, and working towards outcomes that are beneficial for all parties involved.

IRC Council Avocations


Craig A. Eddy (tyche): Steve is one of those strong people that tackles the tough jobs, and manages to get them done with no fanfare. He is helpful and considerate of others, gentle when he can be and tough when he has to be. I feel that he would be an exceptional addition to the IRC council, and would contribute from his knowledge and experience both from within the Ubuntu community and the community.

J. Scott Gwin (scott_ev): Steve has not failed to help me yet. I have needed his help and advice several times starting with getting my IRC Nic registered. He has been knowledgeable and willing to help every time I've asked. His patience is second to none and his willingness to help cannot be refuted.

Steve A Peterson (azteech): Steve is one of those brave souls with the patience of Jobe. When the Arizona Team was struggling to get started, Steve stepped up to the plate to ensure we began on the right foot. He has always been there for the community, our team (and others) and fellow users. I have yet to see him fail to reach out to help someone in need. He is an extremely knowledgeable and capable individual. His patience is second to none and his willingness to help is top notch.

Jesse Trucks (jtrucks): I know Steve through his work as a fellow volunteer on freenode staff. He knows both the spirit and letter of the rules governing polite and open use of IRC services, and he has shown a great deal of patience in the way he helps others. I think he approaches his work with Ubuntu with passion and excitement, as well. I think he would do a great job in combining his love of Ubuntu and work in the Ubuntu community with his excellent work helping run the freenode IRC network. Therefore, I think he would likely do well on the IRC Council.

JohnCrawford(aka johnc4510): Vorian would make a great addition to the IRC Council in my opinion. He not only has a great working knowledge of IRC and its commands, but he knows how to lead and govern in a fair and respectful manner. His work on the IRC freenode staff reflects this ability and gives added weight to his application for IRC Council member. He is also always ready to help anyone who asks. He leads by example and has always shown a passion for the community that encourages everyone around him. Steve is someone who is very well known in the Ubuntu Community, and is respected for his work. I endorse his nomination and know that he would make an outstanding IRC Council member.

ScottKitterman (ScottK): I know Steve mostly through our common work on Kubuntu and MOTU. When I was trying to get a channel setup for Kubuntu Netbook (#kubuntu-netbook), Steve was a huge help. He is my go to person for IRC issues and he's handled everything I've ask correctly, quickly, and calmly. I think he'd be great for IRC Council.

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