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About Me

I'm Simon, but hardly anybody calls me by that name. I was born in Italy and have been living in Germany for the last 13 years. I've got a masters degree in Computer Science, have been using Linux-based operating systems since about 1997 and am currently working as an administrator and software developer for a supercomputing facility run by the German government.

My first Ubuntu installation was most likely 5.10, I remember creating my Launchpad account shortly after that.

Fun fact: I've been to 44 countries.

Things I do for Ubuntu


  • I helped run Ubucon Germany 2015 in Berlin, sponsored my own travel there, gave a talk about "Linux and Supercomputing" and ran a tutorial on Blender, the 3D modelling and animation software.
  • I am on the organisation team for Ubucon Europe 2016 in Essen.
  • I founded and organized UbuContest, a community-run contest with prizes for Ubuntu Phone app/scope developers and community members who have contributed to Ubuntu in an "outstanding way". I sponsored a bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition phone, the winner announcement was a live show on the Ubuntu Community Q&A Hangout and we had a whole award ceremony at Ubucon Germany 2015 in Berlin with international guests.

  • I've created videos for Ubucon Germany 2015, UbuContest and the "Monster Wars" and "Falldown" Ubuntu phone games.

  • I sponsored my own travel to Ubuntu Party in Paris in November 2016 and gave two talks.

  • I plan to attend Ubucon Summit 2016, the next Ubuntu Party in Paris, "Linux y Tapas" 2016 in Spain, and UbuCon Europe 2016.


  • I own several desktops, laptops, servers, phones and tablets running various stable and unstable releases of Ubuntu, and provide feedback.
  • I became an Ubuntu Pioneer for uploading one of the first 200 apps to the Ubuntu Phone store, and have currently published ten apps.
  • I became an Ubuntu Phone Insider and provide feedback on development and stable releases. I currently own a bq Aquaris E4.5, a Meizu MX4 (sponsored by Canonical) and a Nexus 4 for testing.
  • I wrote various article series about internals of Ubuntu Touch and the bq/Meizu phones on my blog.
  • I provided feedback and design proposals for core phone APIs and features like WiFi, Bluetooth, Lifecycle Management etc.

  • I created a series of templates for various phone application types, e.g. for HTML5 and Python.

  • I have extensive knowledge about technical things and how to debug stuff properly.


  • I often hang out on various channels (currently IRC, Telegram, and G+) and give support to users and developers.
  • I report and comment on Launchpad bugs and filter through hundreds of Launchpad bug e-mails every week.

Future Work

  • I plan to start working on UbuContest 2016 soon.

  • While running UbuContest I found out that I actually like Design work, and I would like to contribute more design stuff for Ubucon Europe 2016.

  • I have about ten more phone applications ready to be finished as soon as the necessary APIs are available.
  • I have a few ideas for other applications that I would like to see developed and might even port some of those.

Room for Improvement

There are areas where I'd like to improve myself and my own knowledge:

  • Learn about Snappy.
  • Write more blog articles again.
  • Learn to go to sleep at normal hours.


  • I know Simon since the beginning of this year 2015. First, we only discussed some Ubuntu Phone stuff, later on he became one of the Ubuntu Phone Insider. Since then he started collaborating with me and some other folks in the German LoCo to organize the UbuContest. While he initially only wanted give away one of his Ubuntu Phones, we quickly got the support from Canonical to make a bigger UbuContest and also advertise the Ubucon Germany at the same time. At the event itself he helped us out and also did some talks. For the future UbuCon Europe, he already raised some good ideas in our organisation group. I look forward to continue to work with him, both in the UbuCon organisation and also as part of the ubuntu phone insider. svij 2015-10-30

  • Simon's membership is long due. While he's been a long-time Ubuntu supporter, in recent times his contributions have started to shine: the series of blog posts about the Ubuntu phone, his status as Ubuntu phone Insider, bug reports and discussions on the mailing list (just don't ask him about app lifecycle Wink ;) and the organization of the UbuContest are just some of these stellar examples. I've had the privilege to work with him during the UbuContest initiative and meet him at the UbuCon Berlin, and I can only recommend him to be granted Ubuntu Membership. Good work! -- dpm 2015-10-30 16:58:34

  • I'm really surprised that Simon is not a Ubuntu Member already. TBH I was even thinking he works for Canonical Wink ;) What I can say about him? Hmmm... Firstly I knew him from Google+ as a person who knows everything about phones' insides, hardware and other black magic I have no idea. For me he was very mysterious character hiding behind fake name and avatar with a mouse (which later turned out to be a chinchilla). Later he made that very annoying game about Panda and Love. I believe his plan was to make people destroy their Ubuntu phones out of frustration. Wink ;) Time passed and I had a chance to meet him at UbuCon in Berlin. He is very nice guy, open to people, looks nothing like his G+ avatar. He's spreading Ubuntu (and Panda) love everywhere. I hope getting the membership will not change him into a villain he was before (in my imagination at least). Good luck! -- mpredotka 2015-11-05 09:39:11

  • Simon has shown lots of initiative to many things related to Ubuntu. It reaches from blogging about cool new stuff, writing HowTos for others to get that stuff set up, helping others out on IRC and Telegram groups etc. Additionally he has been playing a big role on the organisation of UbuContest (the app development contents) and seems to be involved with UbuCon organisation too. A clear +1 from my end. -- mzanetti 2015-11-05 09:49:49

  • Since meeting Simon in the Ubuntu Insiders group (via Telegram) he's always been available and very helpful. Even when I showed my complete ignorance of some networking and fibre optic basics. If they let me be an Ubuntu Member then there's absolutely no reason to not include Simon. AAAAAAAAA+ would harrass again in a heartbeat -- ronnietucker 2015-11-05 18:39:49

  • Le Panda guy is active in the ubuntu community on social networks such as g+ or telegram, always posting about new stuff such as convergence, phone and stuff. His UbuContest initiative has a very influence on the developer community on the phone which is very appreciated. His contributions to make the UbuCon Europe happens are very strongh. I recommand Simon as an ubuntu member. -- cm-t 2015-11-05 22:10:44

  • The nick talks for him. He is one of the best Ubuntuphone hackers, his blog is full of masterpiece of information about the phone and the convergence story, member of the Church of Snappy, introduced by Ogra himself, very involve in community, with the UbuCon Europe and UbuContest, very active in the Ubuntuphone Insiders group, create one of the most infuriating game I played (I dream about killing panda all the time now), and will be one of the first guest stars at UbuCon Paris very soon. I just don't understand why he is not a member yet. With all the things he done for Ubuntu, I think that he simply forgets to do his application Smile :) -- vinzjobard 2015-11-09 16:02:14

  • I have trouble memorizing any foreign (to me) words but sturmflut has stuck because I see it all over the place wrt to the Ubuntu phone. Simon is doing amazing work in collecting info and documenting the phone at Filing bug reports and diagnosing difficult issues. Also, sharing the space with the rest of the Ubuntu Insiders. He was the driving factor in the recent UbuContest. I wholeheartedly recommend Simon as an Ubuntu Member. Now back to the Panda game. -- simosx 2015-11-10 08:41:53

  • I met Simon in person one week ago in the Ubucon of Paris and I was really impressed by his enthusiasm towards Ubuntu. He's always responsive and very active (specially into Ubuntu Touch and the next Ubucon Europe). Simon could be one of the key Ubuntu members for the future and I fully support his application! -- costales

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