About Me

My name is Sujeevan Vijayakumaran. I was born in Castrop-Rauxel, Germany and I'm still living there. It's a smaller town next to Dortmund in Germany. I finished my bachelors in IT at a small private university for applied science in Dortmund this year. Additionally I'm working as a full-time Software Developer on a small software company, also in Dortmund.

I've started using Ubuntu in 2009, since then atleast one computer in my house is running with Ubuntu. I'm also a big fan of mobile computer devices. I'm a Ubuntu Member since January 2014 and I am one of the „Ubuntu Phone Insider“. Additionally I'm a team memer of and organiser of the German Ubucon.

Contact Information


  • German
  • English
  • Tamil (my mother language, but not as good as my german or english)








Future Goals

In the future, I still plan to represent Ubuntu at different conferences in Germany. Probably also as a speaker about my favorite ubuntu project: Ubuntu Touch. I will also continue my work at the biggest german ubuntu website as a writer of news articles. Hopefully I will find some time to develop my first Ubuntu Touch App :-).


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Dominik (deedw)

My name is Dominik, I'm the chief editor for freiesMagazin since 2007. Sujeevan was editor for the magazine from September 2012 till September 2013. In this time he mostly handles the PR-related stuff like answering letters from our readers or talking to authors about new articles. Sujeevan is very good in critizing authors without offending them to get the best out of all articles. Further Sujeevan has written some articles for freiesMagazin that show a deep know-how of the topic. Especially all topics concerning mobile-based systems are in good hands if he takes a look at them.

Further I was the head of organization for the Ubucon 2013 in Heidelberg. Sujeevan was a big help for communicating with the outer world. He filled the webpage with content and posted news in our social networks. Further he was the primary contact to Canonical so that we could show new smartphones with Ubuntu Touch on the Ubucon. There was also an article about Sujeevan and the Ubucon in the German Linux-Magazin.

Last but not least I'm a colleague of Sujeevan at Ikhaya, the German Ubuntu News portal. He's very friendly and helpful to our other colleagues and tries to help where it's possible. deedw 2013-12-27

Helena (Hexe25)

Svij and me started working together serveral years ago. Once a week we wrote with other auxiliary the UWR (Ubuntu Wocherückblick = german Ubuntu weekly newsletter). Since then i know svij as a very polite, pleasant and helpful person. He worked and works hard for the german ubuntu community as project leader of ubuntuusers, editor by Ikhaya and FreiesMaganzin, orginsator of ubucon and much more. I think, that he would be a very good ubuntu member and i would be glad to this this happening.


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Christian (Fuchs)

I know svij (Sujeevan) for some years, as I have worked with him in the team, the official German speaking forum/wiki/planet for Ubuntu. Currently we are working closely together as we are both part of the project lead.

Svij puts a lot of effort into different areas of our platform, also organizing our real life meeting this year. He is fair, pragmatic, friendly and helpful which matches the principles of Ubuntu well.

I'm glad for all the work he puts into Ubuntu in various ways, not only on ubuntuusers, but also on conferences like the ubucon or the open rhein ruhr. I think he represents Ubuntu in a good way and would be a great ubuntu member. Fuchs 2013-12-26

Torsten Franz (toddy)

I know Sujeevan since 2010. I work together with him at the ubuntuusers portal. In 2012 I asked him to be my follower as project lead and he makes his job very well. We also worked together on many Ubuntu booths and I am confident that we will make this in the future, too.

I like to work with him cause he is a hands-on personality. He asks if he something doesn't understand and talk to everybody with respect and in a helpful way. He is one of the most active members of the Germany community and is a very helpful discussion partner in my daily Ubuntu work.

I would love to see him in an Ubuntu Membership cause he represents Ubuntu in the best way. TorstenFranz 2013-12-26

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