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Welcome to the LoCo Team Approval Application! of the Switzerland Team.

Swiss Tux

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Hassan El Jacifi, Daniel Stoni


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Organisational Structure

ubuntu-ch members have equal privileges and opportunities. As Switzerland has, although a small country, no less than 4 official languages with a wealth of dialects and variations, the official communication language of our LoCo is English. For most Swiss Ubuntu-users, support and information in their own (main) language is provided by parts of our community. A contact list is available on our wiki page:


We distinguish between regular meetings and special events.

Regular Meetings

There is a regular monthly meeting of the Ubuntu Community in Zurich. It is very vital and funny. Usually ~15 people show up there. At the meeting we have presentations on various topics around Ubuntu and Free Software (e.g. Ubuntu Phone Status Update) and do the planning for upcoming events like the Ubucon.

Stammtisch - Photo 1

Stammtisch - Photo 2

Besides that, there is also a monthly meeting of the Debian Community

Debian Meetup - Photo 1

Debian Meetup - Photo 2


Linux Presentations days

- Past events 2016-2017

Install events

We have been present:

- In Zurich, we've supported hundreds of ETH students to get Linux installed on their laptops.

- In Vorarlberg at the Linux Usergroup events

- For dozens of personal interactions with people interested and where we've saved their lives and make them independent.

Fêtons Linux

There is another big event organized by the LoCo which is Fêtons Linux. It happens in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, commonly in Geneva and recently in Lausanne. The next Fêtons Linux is scheduled for 2018/05/12 and will take place in Lausanne . Please take a look at the Fêtons Linux homepage for further information.

Fêtons Linux- Photo 1

Fêtons Linux - Photo 2

To get some more impression of the event, please take a look at:

A full list of past events can be found here.

Future events

- Release party planning on Fri, Feb 16

- 18.04 Release Party

- Linuxday


The Swiss Loco Team aims to promote Ubuntu and its flavors in Switzerland. This is done through:

  • Install parties
  • Stands at fairs
  • Presentations and speeches at various events
  • Giving support, CDs and info in the various Swiss regions, in all Swiss languages + English. See also the list of local contact persons grouped by location.

  • Active collaboration in translations into German, French, Italian and hopefully Romansh.


An Ubucon for the next LTS version of Ubuntu (18.04) is on the roadmap. The idea is to organize the Ubucon in different parts of Switzerland. We already have been in Winterthur, Zurich and Bern. A potential location is Basel, as it's nearby the southern part of Germany as well. We are already in contact with the location provider and it looks good at the moment.

Besides that we are thinking about hosting the big European Ubucon in 2018 for the 18.04 LTS Release.

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