Maverick Meercat Release Parties


IRC Meetings

Date and Locations

Autumn, TBA, several locations all over Switzerland.


Since the release is in Autumn, this would be the occasion to organize several small parties in Universities and High Schools, or in venues close to and invite students specifically.


CDs if necessary, we can hand out the SwissRemix with the possibility (and instructions how) to upgrade easily.

Crew T-shirts

How about creating Team T-Shirts for those interested? It would of course need a minimum to print to reduce the price, but would be a very nice addition and contribute to the team building.

Posters / Flyers designs

Ask Iris if she can create a poster/flyer.

Flyer "Why to use Ubuntu"

Maybe we could hand out a flyer together with the Ubuntu CDs, on which some reasons are stated why to use Ubuntu, targeted primarily at non-Linux users. This could be a good source for ideas:

Also, another Flyer (or a section on the same one) with a collection of places to search help with Ubuntu (LUGs, Forums, Websites, IRC, Mailinglists etc) would be great.

Press and other contacts

Please add all Press contacts and other contacts through which we can spread invitations. For press contacts please specify if it is a local or a Swiss wide contact.

Contact name

Mail or link

Regional/Switzerland wide?

Who contacts them?

Contact made

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