Ubuntu activities

  • Czech LoCoTeam Contact

  • Admin of Czech Ubuntu forum (more than 4500 posts here)

    • admin since March 2007, moderator since November 2006
  • Author of "Ubuntu týdeník" - something like Czech version of UWN (weekly news from "Ubuntu world", mainly from our small country), first issue released in December 2007

  • "Author" of Czech unofficial User Guide for Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron - homepage (Czech), download (Czech, PDF, c. 11MB)

    • In fact I'm not "real author" of this guide - it's collective work, because about 90% of text is from our wiki. My work is: LaTeX (typesetting), screenshots, Chapter 1 (Introduction), parts of Chapters 2 (Before Installation), 5 (Applications), 8 (Using Command Line) and thousands of minutiae

  • Trying to help users via Launchpad answers

Future plans

  • Near future

    • Improve "my" Ubuntu User Guide
      • add chapter with basic information about GNU/Linux, Ubuntu and its philosophy
      • new eye candy and more professional look
    • Do something with Ubuntu marketing in Czech Republic
    • Translate Ubuntu screencasts to Czech (subtitles, or maybe special Czech screencasts...).

  • Far future

    • Fix Bug #1 in Czech Republic.

    • Help spread Ubuntu (and GNU/Linux at all) in Czech primary and secondary schools.


Vojtech has got my full support. He is invaluable in our LoCo community. He is one of the principal reasons why our Czech LoCo community keeps moving forward. -- MartinBöhm 2008-05-28 20:09:51, Kubuntu Developer, Czech LoCo member

Vojtech is the powerhorse of the Czech LoCo Team and has been for the past year or so. He is a great membership candidate. Without him, the Czech LoCo would be nothing. -- JendaVancura 2008-06-01 12:03:38

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