April 2008 Team Reports

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Ubuntu Development Teams

Community Council

  • Meeting: April 15th:
    • Fixed Meeting times: Daniel Holbach is going to ask all CC members to agree on 1st Tuesday of the month 11:00 UTC and 3rd Tuesday of the month 20:00 UTC
    • Move-On date for Regional Membership Boards April 18th. Daniel to solicit outstanding feedback.
    • Updating CommunityCouncil/TeamReport now is a fixed agenda item. Daniel Holbach to get in touch with Team Councils to participate in TeamReports.

    • LoCo Council was agreed on. Loco Council members are to meet, set up meeting times, wiki pages, etc. and report back with that.



  • Scott Ritchie patiently worked on Wine in Ubuntu for a long time. He has demonstrated he has all it takes to become a MOTU and joined the team.

  • In just 6 short months of being involved in the MOTU process, Andrea has displayed what it takes to be an outstanding member of the MOTU community. With an interest in games and science, Andrea wasn't fulfilled and has since then taken a liking to the QA process, spending countless amount of hours fixing FTBFS, unmetdeps, as well as library transitions, stuff you typically see seasoned MOTUs go after. It is this dedication that makes Andrea Colangelo a member of the MOTU community.

  • Having worked on Xubuntu quite a lot, we're happy to welcome Cody Somerville to the MOTU team.

  • After outstanding feedback from all people Morten Kjeldgaard worked with, he was deemed ready for MOTU membership.


  • warp10 is now a MOTU and offered himself as a Mentor. He has now been assigned two contributors, congratulations and thanks Andrea!
  • pitti is now mentoring mattismyname, thanks Martin, you ROCK!
  • dktrkrantz now mentors dudus, way to go Luca!
  • We have received six new requests for a mentor since the last report; we have now 11 contributors on our waiting list.

Desktop Team

  • Suspend/resume should now work on a lot more machines. (pitti)
  • GNOME session startup is now faster again. (seb128, mvo, pitti)
  • GNOME has been updated to the new 2.22.1 version

Mobile and Embedded

The full report is here

  • Visual improvements this month with work on:
    1. A Moko Finger Scroller
    2. rdesktop panning support

    3. cairo + xcompmgr
    4. interface integration for treb
  • Linked into this UI work is easier access for the backgrounds applet. If there are 10 or more photos in the backgrounds applet a slider to the right of the dialog allows the user to quickly move through them all. It also has a button on top that jumps to the first photo and a button on bottom that jumps to the last photo. Background images now load much faster.
  • It should now be fairly easy to create a lpia VM image; as a next step we fill it with moblin-image-creator's output and add some fset's for vmware and/or qemu support
  • Merged Firefox beta5 RC code into Midbrowser.
  • Some debate about the choice of Java runtime. We should use openjdk but the web plugin will still be gcj's and this is not feature complete
  • And, of course lots of bugfixing particularly on the now stabilized Moblin kernel

Server Team report

Wine Team

  • Wine 1.0 will be coming out within the Intrepid timeframe. It's an excellent candidate for ubuntu-backports.
  • Photoshop CS2, WoW, most Steam Apps, and many others work out of the box on Hardy.
  • Wine may be able to use launchpad to help translate Wine in anticipation of the 1.0 release. Wine doesn't yet use the gettext .pot/.po files required by launchpad; instead Wine uses the Windows resource file (.rc) format. Someone has written a .rc to .po converter, however it's a bit of a hack and won't make it into Wine 1.0. As an interim solution, Wine can have its translation files forked, converted to .po files, translated on launchpad, converted back, and then sent upstream. This approach is fairly efficient, however dialog box sizes in the .rc files will need to be manually adjusted since both launchpad and the converter don't support them.


  • Release 8.04 in 2 versions - KDE 3 and KDE 4 Remix
  • Guidance fixes
    • don't try to restart HAL if it is not running, let gpm displays "the battery has been removed" so that the user knows that he can't relay on gpm to check his battery state
    • don't try to restart DBus at all, it's not supported upstream and can cause trouble
    • Added kubuntu_29_kde-powermanager_display_consumption_rate.patch to display current consumption rate. (LP: #214774).
    • Readded kubuntu_30_displayconfig_no_xorg_correct_detection.patch which doesn't break the api. displayconfig will detect the hardware automatically and write a xorg.conf if none is present on startup. (LP: #203378).
    • Added kubuntu_31_wineconfig_no_i18_on_keys.patch to remove i18n from dictionary keys, which caused crashes on non en_US locales. Should be removed if synced with upstream. (LP: #82723)
    • Added kubuntu_24_displayconfig_no_gamma.patch: As we cannot check if the video driver supports live gamma changes, we should catch any exceptions generated by lacking support. (LP: #201092, #201468).
    • Added kubuntu_25_kde-powermanager_allways_change_brightness.patch which disables the internal check for not setting the same brightness as last time. Some laptops can change brightness in hardware and other programs can change it through HAL, so we should allways try to change the brightness.
  • Bug fixes

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Indonesia Team

  • With YPLI (Indonesia Linux Movement Foundation) released BlankOn 3 on 27th April

  • Planning Linux for Education roadshow with YPLI
  • Released Ubuntu 8.04 DVD Repository on 28th April

Japanese Team

  • Released Japanese Remix Desktop CD 8.04 RC on 22nd April.
  • Planning release of Japanese Remix Desktop CD 8.04 on 25th April.

Jordan Team

Tamil team

  • KDE 4.1 translations going Upstream
  • Monthly Ubuntu Intro One day class scheduled at NRCFOSS, Chennai on 26 Apr 2008
  • Team Lead change proposed.

UK Team

US Chicago Team

US Colorado Team

  • The ColoradoTeam will have its Hardy Heron Release Party on Apr 26th, and produced a bunch of nice flier designs for it, with printing help from System76. Conversation on the mailing list continues apace.

US Maryland Team

  • The Maryland Team had its Hardy Release Party on April 25. Members from the Baltimore and Columbia Linux User Groups also joined us for the fun.

Full Circle Magazine

  • Issue #12 is being checked by the Ubuntu Marketing Team and on schedule for release this Friday (25th).
  • French, Italian and Chinese translations of #10 are available for download.
  • Still looking in to having an HTML edition (as well as the PDF version) of the magazine but our current wiki software (pmwiki) may not be suitable. Investigation on-going...


  • Revamping all artwork
  • Last minute bug fixing
  • Introduce tasks for alternate disk

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