August 2008 Team Reports

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Ubuntu Development Teams

Documentation Team


We conducted a bunch of interviews this month:

MOTU Council

  • Nicolas Valcárcel has been doing fantastic work, the feedback to his application has been great, the MC was only too happy to deem him ready for joining the Universe Contributors team.

  • Christophe Sauthier has been active in a lot of areas of Ubuntu, MOTU being one of them. We're happy we can add him to the Universe Contributors team now.

  • David Futcher has done a lot of good work in the last months and his sponsors immediately gave good feedback on his application. We're happy he's now member of the Universe Contributors team.

  • Having been involved in Ubuntu for several releases, Onkar Shinde lived up to the challenge of Java packaging. He has done a lot of amazing work and it was time he joined the Universe Contributors team.

  • Andrea Gasparini has done great work and the feedback on his application has been very much in favour for him, thus was deemed ready to join the Universe Contributors team.

  • James Westby has been a key part of the MOTU community for some time, and has now also joined the Universe Contributors team.

  • MC 'Call', Aug 13th 2008
    • Open Applications: Dustin Kirkland (MOTU), Nicolas Valcárcel (MOTU)
    • Discussed counselling of a potentially overeager contributor.
    • Briefly discussed proceedings and processes of the ArchiveReorganisation spec. The next TB meeting should shed more light on this.

    • Noted that both motu-sru and motu-release teams are short on members.
  • Nicolas Valcárcel (also known as nxvl) has joined the MOTU team. He has done great work in the Server team, is the star of a Spanish packaging video and is involved in various places in the MOTU team.
  • MC Meeting, Aug 20th 2008
    • Open Applications: Dustin Kirkland (MOTU), Fabien Tassin (MOTU), Iain Lane (UUC)
    • MOTU Council voting procedures
      • Due to confusions with recent application processing, MC will be adopting the following interim changes to the application processing procedure. It is expected that more discussion on this topic will happen in the future.
      • There will be a new 168-hour window for MOTU discussion, which may be closed early if all listed sponsors for an application have responded.
      • At the conclusion of this period, MOTU Council members will be expected to vote, although discussion may continue until all Council members have either voted or stated their intention not to vote. Only once all feedback from MOTU Council has been received will applications be processed as complete.
    • Additional discussion mirroring mailing list discussions regarding applications for MOTU vs. applications for Core-Dev, and the various requirements that ought be applied in either case. This discussion was inconclusive, and will likely be taken up again, largely informed by the ongoing discussions on the mailing list.

Server Team

Sugar Team

  • New team to package Sugar, the educational environment used by OLPC

  • Held a kick-off meeting on 1 Aug
  • Have the latest upstream release packaged in a PPA
  • Starting on syncing from Debian into intrepid

Community Council

  • Meeting Aug 05:
    • Ongoing discussion with the LoCoCouncil about the process of approving legal entities. Right now the plan for the process is: "if we have confidence in a loco team's standing, and they make a case for a legal entity, and we know who is on the hook, and they commit to regular transparent accounting and reporting to the CC, then +1"

    • The Xubuntu Strategy document was approved and only minor changes to it were requested. The possibility of a Xubuntu Council was discussed too.

    • PlanetUbuntuEditorialPolicy was deemed to be explicit enough in the current cases of controversy on Planet Ubuntu. A link to them will be added the Planet page and Mark volunteered to write a mail to StephanHermann.

  • Meeting Aug 19:
    • Didn't manage to have quorum.
    • "Artwork Guidelines" agenda item of Thorwil was decided to be resolved via email. Daniel Holbach agreed to send out the mail.
    • Emmet Hikory asked if the 11:00 UTC meeting time should be moved to 13:00 UTC. Daniel Holbach agreed to bring up the topic on the CC list.

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

LoCo Council

  • No meeting held

Arabic Team

  • is up and running now
  • Team working on new translator guide
  • Planning and preparing for a sponsored translation campaign to boost up the translation process (packages, docs, wiki)
  • Received a sponsored dedicated server from and now is able to provide hosting to Arabia LoCo teams

  • We have our own IRC bot now, yet we have to configure it to suit our needs.
  • Trying to host all Non official arabic packages, fixes and apps that serves Arab users in team PPA.
  • The forum should be ready soon, we got sponsored vB license and now waiting to get ubuntu theme from ubuntuforums admin.

Berlin Team

Georgia US Team

Japanese Team

  • Japanese Team was successfully re-approved by LoCo Council.

  • Hajime Mizuno and Hideki Yamane joined the Japanese LoCo Team.

  • was switched to the new archive mirror server maintained by Japanese Team:

Jordan Team

  • Distributed 250 CD around members work colleagues
  • Team lawyer is working with RSS on the legal agreement with the Royal Scientific Society

Tamil Team

IRC Team

Ubuntu Women

  • Full Circle Magazine Issue 15, page 27: Ubuntu Women by Emma Jane Hogbin

  • IRC Meeting: 16 August 2008

    • Redevelopment of website: Most content was developed 2 years ago, although changes have been made through the years we could benefit by having some fresh eyes from outside the core project review it
    • Discussed confidence barrier with new contributors to the project, and one new member gave us some ideas about what made her feel most welcome
    • Mentoring program by MOTU was brought up as something we should be linking to in our Mentoring program, got +1


  • Wine 1.0.0 is available for Hardy in hardy-updates.
    • This version includes a fix for double clicking .msi files, however hardy also needs an update to shared-mime-info.
  • The version of Wine for Intrepid will be from the stable Wine 1.0 branch.
  • Wineconf is in September, and ScottRitchie will be going.

  • Wine 1.0.1 will be out in time for Intrepid, with some minor fixes.
  • ScottRitchie now moderates the Wine forum as YokoZar

Full Circle Magazine

  • Issue #15 was released on 25th July. 17,000 downloads thus far (through our counters that is).
  • Issue #16 is to be released today (29th August).
  • #0 Romanian, #3 Hungarian, #13 Italian, #14 Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and #14 Hungarian all online.
  • Total downloads of FCM, in all languages, since April '07: 860,000
  • Looking at ways to have FCM mentioned on more sites. We're greedy and want more downloads.

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