2008 December Team Reports

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Community Council

  • Meeting 2008-12-16:
    • PlanetUbuntu/CorporateBlogs was agreed on and the request for the addition of the Oxford Archaeology blog granted.

    • Mark will ask Nigel Pugh about interest in a Google Calendar <-> IRC gateway. Daniel will mail Nick Ali about trying to get people involved in finding a solution.

    • The decision on a Canonical/Ubuntu participation in a Tunisian FOSS conference was unfortunately too late.
    • The three nominees for the IRC Council were appointed, the IRC Council will be asked for their OK with changing their charter to read "... at least 5 members ..." instead. The possibility of a future "IRC Contributors" team was discussed and the new IRC Council will look into finalising this. The ownership of the ~ubuntu-irc-council team was transferred to the CC.

Ubuntu Development Teams



  • We're pleased to announce that Stefan Ebner joined the MOTU team.
  • We're very happy to announce that David Futcher just joined the MOTU team. He did great work in the last weeks and lives in Scotland.
  • St├ęphane Graber joined the MOTU team. Having put a lot of effort into LTSP and friends, we were only too happy to welcome him on board.
  • Nathan Handler just joined the MOTU team. He has done fantastic work and we're very happy he's on board now.

Mobile Team

  • Some of the team on holiday and UDS so a quiet month
  • Work on armel build failures and depwaits including filing bugs #308834 and bug #308465
  • Fixed xine-lib FTBFS (4 issues combined).
  • xulrunner-1.9 ubuntu-mobile hardy ppa upload; seems to be trivial to follow the hardy xulrunner-1.9 branch.
  • Sent pkg-config cleanups and testsuite fixes upstream.
  • Sent acpid patches upstream.

Team Name

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Xubuntu team report for December 2008


Bug Triage

  • Bug triage proceeding at a steady pace. Many bugs were triaged this month.
  • A high number of bugs were reported upstream.


  • Cody, Jannis, Michael, and Pasi all attended the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Mountain View, California
  • Cody and Pasi attended FOSSCamp in Mountain View, California.
  • Substantial amount of work has been done on drafting the Jaunty "Growing the Xubuntu Community" specification.


  • Jim, Pasi, and Jannis are brainstorming an idea to work closely with upstream and other distributions to rewrite the upstream documentation.
  • Jim has run some scripts to start converting Ubuntu docs to Xubuntu docs. Docs require some cleanup, but it is a good start.


Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • Alpha 2 released.
  • Updated xubuntu-meta package to fix armel build failure (Thanks to Sarah Hobbs).

  • Add libxine1-ffmpeg to recommends for xfmedia.

  • Michael (NCommander) has begun backport of Xfce 4.4.3 to Intrepid.

  • Corrected an internationalization issue in en_IN local for Orage where the start/end buttons show the date number, but not the day of the week properly.

  • Charlie Kravetz (charlie-tca) appointed to Xubuntu QA lead.
  • Charlie (charlie-tca) has been working on improving the testing wiki pages including the Xubuntu test cases.
  • Cody Somerville (cody-somerville) packaged Sion, a gio/vfs mount manager, from the Xfce4 goodies.

  • Lionel (mr_pouit) packaged a new upstream release of xfce4-dict (0.5.2) and xfburn (0.4.0).

IRC Council

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

LoCo Council

  • Mali Team put in contact with French Team to see if French Team could help provide some resources like posters.
  • Alan Pope will be sending the Mali Team a hard drive with all the repositories on them.

German Team


  • 2008-12-03: ubuntu-berlin user meeting (Stammtischtreffen)
  • 2008-12-09: our regular BugJam at the c-base

  • 2008-12-10: Talk "Einf├╝hrung in LaTeX unter GNU/Linux" (Introduction to LaTeX - the full story in german language:

  • 2008-12-11: Tux Origami Workshop

Japanese Team

Tunisian Team

  • Ubuntu-tn at the 4th edition of the annual seminar on FOSS Tunisia : abstract

  • Migration Project of the National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS) : abstract

  • 6th regular IRC meeting.

United States of America

Chicago Team

  • Made initial plans for participation in the February 2009 Global Bug Jam
    • Additional planning meeting set for Saturday, January 17th.
  • Set tentative 6-month plan for Ubuntu-Chicago Loco activities. Activities to include:
    • Bug Jam - February
    • Ubuntu and Free Software advocacy activity day - March
    • Ubuntu-Chicago at "Flourish" FLOSS conference - April (Presenters & Ubuntu-Chicago representation)

    • Jaunty Release Party & Install Fest - Early May

    • Packaging Jam - June

Florida Team

Georgia Team

  • Preparing plans and schedules for 2009.

New York Team

  • Completed a redesign on the entire team wiki page including the creation of several additional sub-areas and pages.
  • Held elections for new officers: PrivateVoid was elected Vice President, the-stace was elected treasurer and NewJack was elected to the at-large position for the down state region.

  • The Newsletter team held two meetings (IRC and SIP) and is on its way to producing the teams first newsletter. The team is being headed by DaraAdib.

  • A meetup was held at the Barnes & Noble @ RIT in Rochester, NY on December 4th.

  • A meetup was held at Potato Republic in New City, NY on December 6th.
  • Plans are being finalized for events from January through May including an Open Street Map event and participation in the Global Bug Jam.

Pennsylvania Team

Arizona Team

  • Working on installfests to be held at the two major Arizona college campuses. On at U of A in Tucson, and one at ASU in Phoenix.
  • Starting work on our second open source state conference(ABLEconf) to be held in 2009.

Tamil Team

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