OBJECTIVE: Grow the Xubuntu community.


  • Improving the content on the "Get Involved" pages.
    • Ensure that there is contact information.
    • Minimize the amount of information presented to the user at once.
    • Point users at low hanging fruit.
    • We want users to feel like they're apart of the team; link to 5-a-day.
    • Improve more comprehensive documentation on the wiki.
  • Get more contributors blogging & talking about Xubuntu

    • Get current contributors to apply for Ubuntu membership so that their blog posts are syndicated to
    • Post/blog about the monthly team report.
    • Get people contributing to the team reports; see:

    • Encourage current contributors to help out more on the #xubuntu support channel.
    • Start an official Xubuntu blog?
    • Micro-blogging
    • Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
  • Create teamwork opportunities
    • 5-a-day
    • User-created content on the CD (ala Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase)
    • "Community Help Contact"??? (could tie in with channel opping)
    • Bug & Package Jams

  • Improve the wiki
    • Encourage teams to fix up their team pages
  • Regular IRC & Skype Meetings

  • Social networking groups & communities (Facebook,, linkedIn, etc.)

  • Participating in Ubuntu-wide events like OpenWeek.

  • Create resources for loco teams (flyers, artwork, etc.)
  • Encourage users to get involved in LoCo Teams.

  • Default settings for IRC and Pidgin could point to #xubuntu
  • Brainstorm?? How can we better take advantage of it?

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