September 2007 Team Reports

If your team is not making team reports, see these guidelines for how to do so.



  • Added p54 driver to linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22
  • Merged into gutsy kernel
  • Edgy, Dapper and Feisty kernel security updates
  • VMware stability patches for Feisty (from VMware)
  • Packaged Intel AMT Management tools
  • New Virtual kernel flavor, stripped down for virtual machines
  • Updated to UnionFS 2.1.3, fixing several bugs exposed by LiveCD
  • Updated iwlwifi drivers (Intel 4965 Wireless support)
  • Enabled 64-bit Xen kernel
  • Updated nVidia driver to latest release, fixes suspend/resume issues
  • Enabled nVidia/FGLRX drivers on Xen/RealTime kernels
  • Lots of bug fixes


  • Bug fixes done for kdebase, kdelibs, kdepim, kdebluetooth and kdenetwork
  • Gutsy docs completed and uploaded for translation
  • Tweaks, fixes and configurations done to Dolphin in preparation to have it take the spot as default file manager
  • Python-kde3 Bug #117731 - Python crashes after attaching pty to a konsole kpart fixed and uploaded to Gutsy. Feisty upload currently being tested.

  • Kdebase updated to fix kdm security vulnerability
  • Kubuntu lead developer Jonathan Riddell is really enjoying his vacation



  • MythTV 0.20.2 SRU for edgy & feisty

  • Bug fixing in lirc, splash, cd builds, mythtv, mythplugins
  • Weekly builds released: fixes & trunk

  • Control centre enhancements
  • Adding XFCE As default window manager
  • Support within the channel


  • Started month of screencasts
  • Added screencast site RSS feed to planet ubuntu
  • Added RSS feeds to popular podcasting site "feedburner" so that we can enable users to download screencasts using podcatcher programs.
  • Added large (HD720p) Ogg feed to Miro (democracyplayer as was) as a channel, so people can watch screencasts within their player.
  • Fielded questions from external non-English speaking people about subtitle translation
  • Recruited a member to transcribe screencasts to .srt caption/subtitle files for translation
  • Recruited a member to write a script to make video conversion easier
  • Meeting held on 10th Sept:-

  • Subtitles added to the site:-


  • mathiaz and dantalizing will look after TeamReporting.

  • nealmcb will send an email to ubuntu-server ml about blueprints cleaning
  • soren presented his print-server task for tasksel. His proposal can be found at soren waits for feedback from ubuntu printing expert and may write an MIR for printconf.

  • soren will send an email to ubuntu-devel about using postfix as default package in control files.
  • DocDay was held last friday (07 Sept) and produced an updated wiki page for the KnowledgeBase.

  • sommer updated php5 pages in the wiki and in the ubuntu server guide.
  • nealmcb created a list of factoids that should be added to ubotu. To be discussed ubuntu-server mailing list.
  • mathiaz has integrated the latest upstream version fo AppArmor. keescook started to review mathiaz's bzr branch and will test it.


  • Preventing fake loco channels
    • Seveas will codify (on the wiki) the discussion we had about this as a naming policy.
    • We will continue to handle these cases in a case-by-case manner and use this policy to point people at.
  • Cloaks
    • We discussed policies for bot cloaks. Seveas will codify it as a policy on the wiki.
  • Both policies above are up for discussion on the ubuntu-irc list when the first draft is finished.
  • Launchpad teams were shifted around, with a new ubuntu-irc-council team being set as owner for ubuntu-irc and ubuntu-irc-cloaks
  • Now that the council has been approved, Seveas is replacing all references to himself on the wiki with the Council where appropriate.

Ubuntu Women

US LoCo Teams Project

  • see September Report for a full list of Metrics

  • Case Badge Project Lead by the MassachusettsTeam

  • Several LoCo teams assisted in the planning of representing Ubuntu at the Ohio Linux Fest.

  • The project also encouraged LoCo teams to participate in SFD.

  • Engaged in discussion on how teams handle money and reduce exposure to liability
  • A US Teams meeting was held on September 22. Meeting Logs and Summary can be found here.


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