Whereas the TennesseeTeam Team Leader has been in-absentia for several months, and whereas member applications to join the team are not being approved, and whereas existing member are being expired, and whereas the main team page is out of date, this wiki page has been created to document the issues and recommend solutions to the mentioned problems.

There has been a renewed vigor for getting the team active, including increased IRC channel activity, a TennesseeTeam/Whiteboard, increased mailing list activity, two active LoCo mentors, and a general increased hope for the future! The team has planned an IRC meeting tomorrow, a Nashville meetup, and even a release party.

Team Leader Missing

Members of the team have been unable to contact the Team Leader MichaelBerger for the past several months. There has been no response by email or alternative methods. He was "last seen" on IRC five weeks ago, and the last member approval was August 15th, nearly two months ago.

Issues with Team Members

Issue with Team Webpage

  • The team webpage is out of date, with incorrect IRC channel listings and an email address that generates no responses. The page cannot be corrected except by the team leader and Launchpad administrators.

  • =>Update: Information on the Launchpad page has been updated/corrected.

Issue with IRC Channel

  • Team IRC channel #ubuntu-tennessee requires a channel operator to modify the channel title, to direct participants to the team wiki.
  • =>Update: "nalioth" assisted in creating and setting up a channel based on the official naming scheme, #ubuntu-us-tn, and this resolved the issues with the channel title. This issue is completely resolved.



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