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The Tennessee Team is established in order to advocate and educate Linux users for the entire state of Tennessee and to promote Ubuntu Linux and the Ubuntu Community. The Tennessee Team advocates and educates computer users and the public about Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Community. We focus on Ubuntu, but provide support of all mainstream derivatives. This group covers the entire state of Tennessee embracing a regional model for advocacy, education, social events and mentoring.

We support Ubuntu and Open Source issues in our Community, State and the Geographic LoCo Team area. Our focus is to increase awareness of Ubuntu Linux and promote it's use in our communities and the state of Tennessee.

There are many things that each of us can do to be a contributor to the effort.....Community Outreach, Install Help, Assistance to New Users (Locally and Globally in the Forums), Translations, Training, Marketing, the list goes on and on. Your LoCo team is the tool to use to coordinate these efforts and to provide mutual support for each other in our local and statewide area.

Your membership in the LoCo requires no minimum level of effort or monetary contribution, just an honest desire to help others and support our team's projects.

Join us today

Here’s how:

  • Register yourself on Launchpad.net
  • Sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct as soon as possible.
  • Visit to the Tennessee Team on Launchpad
  • Click ‘Join the team’ on the top right of the page.

After joining the team on Launchpad, come on in a get to know everyone!

  • Chat in realtime with team members on irc.freenode.net the #ubuntu-us-tn channel
  • Sign up for the Ubuntu-US-TN Mailing List to receive important team announcements via email.
  • Sign up at Ubuntu Forums to exchange ideas, ask support questions, or find out what we’re up to.
  • Become a fan of Ubuntu Tennessee on Facebook
  • Join us on Linkedin Ubuntu Tennessee Local Community Group


  • Create one main place where our members will be able to gather and share information and technical expertise about Ubuntu;
  • Hold monthly meetings In-Person at predetermined Locations where users will be able to better interact and receive more support;
  • Plan organized activity dates and locations where we can perform Install-Fests and Release Parties;
  • Advocate and Motivate. Smile :)

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