When will be beta candidates images appear?

  • When the release team decides that the archive is in a good enough state to build them. Typically 2-3 days after the archive freeze and 2-3 days before the scheduled release of the beta itself.

Where are the candidate beta images?

  • They will be in the same place as the daily images. They are in fact just daily images that may become beta images if they pass the testing.

Where do I report <type of bug>

"No kernel modules were found" in the alternate installer -- This is just a case of the kernel version in the installer seed being out of sync with that in the version of d-i on the CD, or that the kernel version in the installer seed is no longer in the archive. No point in filing a bug about this. It should go away when the next CD is built.

The Live CD installer crashes -- Can be a wide range of issues, but bugs can be filed against ubiquity and will be triaged from there.

The CD does not boot -- Try booting with F6 and remove the --quiet and --usplash flags. This will show where in the boot process it fails. It will often be a kernel problem.

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