The Laptop Testing Project is open to anyone who would like to provide important hardware information of their own laptops.

We're on a mission to get Ubuntu to work great on as many different makes and models of laptops as possible.

To do this, we need to know which hardware works straight off the install CD and which hardware needs configuring or is poorly supported.

We will be providing a series of testcases for you to run in either stable releases or current milestone of development release. As soon as a milestone is officially released, you will be able to complete the tests (we encourage you to run them as soon as possible, to allow enough time to developers to fix the bugs).

One of the good things about this program is that you will be able to discover every early bug of the development version of Ubuntu and you will gain experience on the Ubuntu development process.

How to Join Us

To join us testing laptops hardware you firstly need to:

  • Create a Launchpad account and fill in your profile with, at least, your IRC Id, your Wiki page URL, and your time zone. If you want to remain anonymous you can use a nickname but then ensure to use the same one on the Wiki and Mailing List.

  • If you don't already have a Wiki page now is the time to make one (HelpForBeginners). Create it using the premade template called Homepage and fill it in with a brief introduction about yourself, a valid email address, your launchpad profile link and other useful information, just to make sure there's a way people can contact you.

  • Sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and commit yourself to comply with it.

  • Join the Laptop Testing Team on Launchpad

  • Subscribe to our mailing list at and introduce yourself.

How to Contribute

To get started with Laptop Testing you don't need to be a developer, and no special IT knowledge is required. Tests are really easy to make and remember that other people can benefit from your work in many ways.

How to make a Report

Test results are reported in the laptop tracker at and bugs are filed in Launchpad, you don't need to create a wiki page for your results anymore (*).

Please refer to the Testing procedures for details.

If you want to help with the development of the Laptop tracker you can read how to set up a development environment.

Remember that Ubuntu-quality ML and #ubuntu-quality IRC channel on freenode can help with common problems and questions, don't hesitate to ask how to report bugs for example.

  • For an easy and quick access to our IRC channel you can use the freenode Webchat.

(*) You can find old wiki reports up till Natty Alpha 3 here just for reference.


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