These instructions cames from the experience in setting up the localized-iso tracker. For clarification about how concepts like family, product, series and milestone are applied in your context get in touch with QATeam or the Release Manager. For creating a new set of images you will need to fill the tabs from left to right, inserting the Family, Product, Series and Milestone in order to manage the Builds.

Setting up a new image set


First of all you may need to create a first family. For the localized-iso tracker we choose the Language, as family.


Then you need to insert the products. This include different architectures (ie: i386,amd64).


For each product you need to define the download links and the testcases. Download includes links for iso, md5, zsync, rsync, gpg and comment files. As you can see in the following image, the url can include the VERSION keyword that will change with the builds number (IE: 20120313 for March 13th 2012 image)


For each product you can add several testcases, that can be mandatory, run-once or optionals.



These are the release series, like oneiric, precise, etc.


Every release you plan in your release plan. They can be periodic releases (like weekly, daily, etc) or roadmap release (alpha, beta, etc).


For every Milestone you can create several builds. The number of the build (normally YYYYMMDD) will be automatically changed in the downloads links.

Managing builds

From the tab Builds you can create a new build.


You need to check the desired product, fill the version number field, select the milestone and press the Add button. A new build number will be shown in the Version column, as you can see in the above image. Also, a new build will be shown in the public home page, and emails will be sent to the subscribers.


If you visit the home page as a logged-in administrator you'll have 3 buttons. With that buttons you can disable/re-enable selection (useful when you decide to respin a new build) and remove the old build when you have a new one ready.


From the reports menu you can have information about the current testing.

Defect summary

The defect report shows all the bug reports reported in current active milestones. If you set a milestone archived from the Milestone administration tab, those bug reported on it will not be shown.


Testcase subscriptions

This report is useful for understanding the coverage of testcases.

Search by bug number

This allow to search in which builds the bug has been reported. This is very useful for understanding bug evolution and if there's a regression during the cycle.

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