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The Ubuntu Testing day is a special day where the Ubuntu Community comes together with a shared goal of testing an specific set of ISO images (Alpha, Beta, RC, Gold or Point releases), an specific feature or some bugs needing verification. Taking the idea from the UbuntuBugDay, we want to apply the same concepts to ISO testing.

Join the Testing Day

Who can join the Testing Day? Everyone. You don't need to be a developer. You don't need to know how to code. Everyone is welcome. If you don't know how to help, then just stop on by and we'll explain everything to you. In fact, one of the objectives of the Testing Day is to help people willing to start testing Ubuntu to make it better.

Where to join the Testing Day? Come to #ubuntu-testing on freenode IRC. Normal testing activity takes place in #ubuntu-testing at other times also.

What is the goal for this testing day?

Today we will be Smoke Testing. This involves a generic testing off all apps on the CD and any others you install. The main aim is to find bugs and report them before it's too late.

Basic how to page

Basic Smoketesting how-to information can be found here

Result Logging

It is import that you have a Launchpad account for bugs, are able to edit the wiki in order to add what you tested and when, Here

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