Upgrade Testing Checklist

Once you have upgraded your Ubuntu system to a new version of the distribution, you didn't get any major errors during the upgrade, and your system boots, there are some things that you need to check in order to see if the upgrade went smoothly.

The aim of this page is to create a list of things that can be checked after an upgrade.


  • The system sound works correctly
  • If you were able to play MP3 files before the upgrade, you should be able to play them now


  • If video played before it should play now. Also what ever codecs were installed should still be installed.


  • If you had network connection before the upgrade, it should work now out of the box

Video drivers

  • Is the screen resolution the same as before.
  • If you were using a proprietary driver (nvidia, fglrx), your system boots with those drivers enabled (unless the upgrader warned you about it)
  • If you were able to use 3D capabilities before the upgrade, you should be able to use them now (check with Compiz or 3D Games)
  • If you had the Visual Effects enabled (Compiz) they should be enabled as well after the upgrade


  • If you were using a theme other than the default one, it should be the same once upgraded


  • If you have evolution configured it should still work after the upgrade

New Applications

  • Ubuntu One is part of Ubuntu since Karmic. After the upgrade, it should be installed.
  • Empathy is now the default IM client since Karmic. After the upgrade, it should be installed.
  • TODO: Add more applications


  • The login manager (e.g. GDM, KDM) you were using previously is still being used after the upgrade.
  • If your system were set to automatically log in previously, it still is after the upgrade.

Panel indicators

  • The session-indicator has now been split into session-indicator (power button) and indicator-me (status menu). Check that both are present after the upgrade.

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