Bring Texas LoCo teams back to life.:

Description: The LoCo team of Dallas would like to be a part on bring back the Texas LoCo team back to life and we are working with Dinda a person part of the LoCo of Houston.


  • Get a small group of people to be the Core team <-- Done.

  • Come up with ideas to help bring the TX team ideas.
  • Think of things that could be done state wide and try to put some planning..for things to come.
  • Get other teams from around Texas to join the Texas team and them to become apart of it.

Core team working on this


  • We don't have a meeting time set but will post it here once we do.


* As a Team we voted on moving our e-mails from private to the Texas team mailing list so that others may view it and be apart of it.

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