The UbuCon Installfest

TheUbucon is a series of Ubuntu community events, that appear to be spreading around the world.

If you've never been to an installfest before, read this.

The following is about the UbuCon to be held in New York on February 16 at Google. If you intend to volunteer for this, please edit the page and add your name below. We could use about 10 of you:

  1. JoeTerranova

  2. KevinMark

  3. Raygeeknyc

  4. JayS

  5. MarkHalegua

  6. Salvatore Carini
  7. AbhayKumar

  8. SelsoDaSilva

  9. Ruben Safir

  10. Elfen Fernando Gutierrez

  11. Joey Stanford

  12. Mackenzie Morgan
  13. Yosef Harrow

Note if you can bring any blank CDROM's, CD/DVD burner, or Ubuntu install media. It would be much appreciated!


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